How to Make Money with Public Records?

Develop a hit list of buyers! How do you do that? Search TMK for “owns” and enter “2 or more,” and the search results will give you the owners of more than two properties in the area you specified in the search.

We’ll be closed for Thanksgiving

The Hawaii Information Service Office will be closed from Thanksgiving Day, November 27th through Sunday, November 30, 2008. In the event of an emergency, please call 1-800-628-3121, press *, and leave your name and phone number. We wish you all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Take Ten

Simply put, blogging is to your website what your cell phone is to you – the lifeline of constant communication to your clients. But it’s even better in that you can pack SO much more information in– and not only about real estate and your business, but also about yourself, your hobbies, community happenings, and pretty much anything else you can think of! 

Think of your website as a marketing piece that showcases your business and your credentials, and your blog as a channel for self expression and a way to build personal connections.  With over 75% of people finding their agent online, it’s vital that you translate your personality and the exceptional service you demonstrate everyday into the online marketplace.   

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to blog may seem like a chore at first, but as you will discover, just a little bit of effort can allow you to reap huge rewards.  Your blog posts are highlighted in several places across website, on the homepage, and on partner sites such as Real Estate Weekly, so keeping your blog fresh with frequent updates is good for search engine visibility (to pick up new clients) as well as keeping current ones up to date.

Don’t wait to share your real estate expertise and your wonderful self with the world.  I promise- this investment will be one of the best ones you’ve ever made.  And the best part is that one quick phone call to Colleen (808.748.8751 OR 800.628.3121 ext. 151) will get you a blog that we will set up AND manage for you…so all you have to do is take ten. 

Broaden Your Knowledge with Our Quarterly Rental Report

rentalthumb2.gif  SPECIAL PRICE of $199 through Dec. 31st, 2008!

The Hawaii State Rental Report is a MUST HAVE subscription for any property manager, landlord, vacation rental owner, or vacation rental manager in the state of Hawaii. The Rental Report is broken down into two areas: Visitor Rentals and Residential Rentals. 

The report is updated and will be sent to you quarterly, so that you always have the most accurate and up to date information at your fingertips, helping you stay on top of an ever changing market! 

Take a look at what you’ll get delivered to you each quarter! And be sure to check out the SAMPLE DATA! 

Your Quarterly Report Will Include: 
OVER 80 PAGES of Up To Date Rental Information!

Visitor Rental Rates

  • By Island
  • By Zone
  • By Number of Bedrooms
  • Nightly Rates
  • Weekly Rates
  • Monthly Rates

Residential Rental Rates

The Rental Report is available as a digital download, and once your payment has been processed, you will have immediate access to download the PDF files that contain our comprehensive rental data. You will be sent a notification once a quarter letting you know that the latest version is available for download, and a link to where to go to get the latest report. 

The Rental Report is sold on an annual basis. When it is time for you to purchase the 2008 version of the rental report, you will be notified. 

The Rental Report is to be used by one individual, and is subject to our copyright terms and conditions. The Rental Report may not be copied, distributed, or shared with users other than the purchaser of the report. Thank you for your cooperation.


A New Perspective for

We’ve made a few design changes to the Hawaii Information Service homepage. We’ve brightened and sharpened things up a bit, and included our official Hawaii Information Service logo. All the main links are still there, so you can continue to login, find information on our other services, and easily search via (or using our classic search format).

We’ve also added a link to, as part of our efforts toshowcase REsearch as a best-in-class, property-based system.

We are constantly working to improve our websites to ensure you can make the most of them to build your business, and we’ll keep you posted as we release new features and services.


New and Revised HAR Forms

We have just released for your use new or updated HAR forms in REsearch.  The new or updated forms now available are as follows:

New Forms

  • RR110: Short Sale Addendum to Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing Agreement
  • RR111: Distressed Property Addendum to Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing Agreement
  • RR223: Short Sale Addendum to Purchase Contract
  • RR222: Distressed Property Addendum to Purchase Contract

Revised Forms

  • RR204: Counter Offer
  • RR206: Plain Language Addendum
  • RR207: Extension of Closing Date (Formerly Written Notice to Escrow of Extension of Closing Date)
  • RR210: Residential Leasehold Property Addendum
  • RR211: Receipt for Residential Leasehold Property Disclosure  (Formerly Receipt for Lease/Residential Leasehold Property Disclosure)
  • RR212: Action on Residential Leasehold Property Disclosure
  • RR501: Commercial Real Property Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)

Discontinued Forms

  • RR204: Guidelines to the Counter Offer
  • RR209: Residential Leasehold Property Disclosure

These new forms are also available at in the members only section as printable forms.  These have the release date of 09/08.
Should you encounter any problems with the new forms in REsearch, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-628-3121 if calling from the neighbor islands or 599-4224 if calling from Oahu.  You are also welcome to contact them by email to

You are HERE.

It’s undeniable; a strong web presence is a must for real estate professionals. Websites, blogs, listings in Google’s Business Directory…Wait; your business isn’t listed on Google Maps? If not, it’s definitely time to get on board. Getting your business listed on Google Maps is free and easy to set up (a winning combo if you ask me), and ensures that when consumers search Google maps, your business, and any details you include in your profile, show up. Include your address, photos, contact information and hours of operation, and if anything changes, editing your listing is simple and will be updated in a matter of weeks. Make sure to claim your listing (before someone else does!), and check on it periodically to make sure it hasn’t been modified.

Here’s how:

Step 1: If you don’t already have one, create a Google account here

Step 2: Click on the “Add New Business” button on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Enter in your business’s information, follow the directions and you’re done!

Congratulations on making it that much easier for your customers to find and reach you. If you don’t already have a website and or a blog, visit for a custom website, or for a blog.

-Erin Shaw

The Secret to Keeping Your Clients

Aside from attracting leads, properly maintaining them is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Everyone needs a little bit of TLC, especially when they are making such a huge buying decision. Keep everyone — from cold prospects to piping hot buyers — in good spirits by regularly reaching out to them. With a way to keep track of everyone, you can use e-mail blasts, mail outs, and phone calls to make sure no one will ever feel left behind.

The first step to good client relationship management is to put your clients into two groups: your sphere of influence, or people you have a personal relationship with (i.e. friends, family, past clients), and your prospects (clients you are currently working with or people you want to reach out to). If you only have enough time and money to keep up with one group, make sure it’s your sphere. We all know that it’s easier to keep existing clients rather than generate new ones. Foster the group that already knows you, trusts you, and is likely to generate repeat business and referrals.

If you can manage both, make sure you vary your messages and collateral so that they are appropriate for each group. Your sphere should receive warmer, more personal messages and pieces, whereas your prospects should get more professional messages and pieces that showcase you as the exceptional agent you are.

In my experience, agents tend to get the best results when they reach out to their spheres and their prospects once a month — and consistency is key. A person might not be ready to buy right now, but if you are consistently in front of them, reminding them of your presence and capability, you have a much better chance of them calling you when they are ready.

Some other tips:

• Use Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. A spreadsheet is great, but it won’t do you justice. Use one of the many CRM packages made especially for real estate agents to keep track of your clients.
• Be diligent. You will find that if you use CRM software regularly and make use of its many features, your business will grow exponentially. I suggest making it the first screen that pops up whenever you turn on your computer and the first thing you do each day.
• Vary the way you communicate with people so they aren’t being deluged with postcards or e-mails.
• Mix things up. Send a combination of warm and personal messages as well as real estate specific statistics and information that is relevant to them.
• Make sure the market information you send is people friendly. If the average person can’t read or understand it, it won’t work.
• Track your success. Make sure to ask people who call how they heard about you, or if they received the recent piece you sent…Make it a priority to take note of these reactions in each client’s profile so you can see what is and is not working.

-Erin Shaw