Cross-Browser Push Coming Next Week

The Next Step for the Future of REsearch


  1. What’s happening next week?
  2. What’s Different in REsearch Cross Browser?
  3. Things to keep in mind when using REsearch Cross Browser
  4. Known Issues

Cross-Browser Login Front and Center

In September, we announced the delivery of the first phase of our Cross-Browser project, part of our ambitious push to make REsearch work in all major browsers. Since then, we have been continuously working to eliminate our reliance on Internet Explorer, and allowing you to use a Mac or Windows computer (and even perform most tasks on an iOS or Android mobile device).

Since then, the Cross Browser version of REsearch has always been available to you to use, whether merely out of curiosity, to seriously test the system, or even to do your day-to-day work. And along the way, we’ve been adding critical functionality, enhancing existing features, and fixing bugs.

Starting next week, we will begin directing everyone to the Cross Browser system by default.

HIS Homepage

This move is a milestone in delivering the second of our two-phase conversion project, which focused on data entry (and listing changes), maps, and refined printing via PDF. Basically, we feel that you should be able to do everything you need to do on our system, but now through your choice of computers and browsers.

While we benefit from the ability to run “beta tests” using live data, and have a constant and concerted testing process in place, Cross Browser does represent a major transformation of our product. As with any new system, we know there may be unanticipated problems or bugs. So we will continue to offer access to REsearch 4.5, the IE-only system you’re using now.

Even so, we sincerely hope you’ll take this opportunity to start using the Cross Browser version of REsearch. As we now begin work on refining things, fixing bugs, updating the design, and even adding new features, we will all benefit from “real world” use. Your feedback is key, and there is a link toreport bugs at the top of the page.

Cross-browser compatibility is something that much larger, national MLS software vendors are still struggling with, so we think we’ve achieved quite a bit this year. Work that you can now see and use every day.

Next week’s homepage change is just the next step in our work to build REsearch into the powerful, industry-leading tool you expect. But we’re proud of the progress we’ve made, and hope we have demonstrated our commitment to you and your technology needs.

What’s New in REsearch Cross Browser?

While REsearch Cross Browser should essentially function the same as REsearch 4.5, you will find minor user interface and cosmetic changes throughout. Here are the more notable ones:

Tabbed Windows – As part of phasing out “popup” windows in REsearch, clicking on links (MLS #, TMK #, Globe Icon, etc.) will open the item in a tab on the right hand side of the screen. This tab no longer takes up the whole display area, and can be resized so you can still see your results while looking at the details of particular listings. Click the red “X” on the selected tab to close it.

Actions Menu – The action menu has been changed from a button at the bottom of the whole screen to a tab that appears on the bottom of each frame. This will hopefully clear up confusion over which section is affected by the Action Menu. Click the tab and the Actions Menu will expand to show you the different options available.

Maps – We have implemented a new version of the ESRI map viewer. Among the improvements are more standardized way to navigate, such as using your mouse wheel to zoom in and out and using left-click and hold to pan. You should also notice some speed improvements and other enhanced functionality.

CloudCMA – We are beginning to integrate Cloud CMA into REsearch, and REsearch Cross Browser will offer the first look at its features. We are planning a separate announcement with tutorials and training for CloudCMA, but we encourage you to start experimenting with it now, and let us know if you encounter any problems.

What You Need to Know

  1. REsearch Cross-Browser (CB) is running on a separate system with a separate login page. You can continue to use REsearch 4.5 with Internet Explorer if you choose.
  2. Please do not bookmark the login pages themselves, but rather, bookmark and start at the Hawaii Information Services homepage at
  3. REsearch CB is using live data, so any changes you make will affect the live system.
  4. Most problems are caused by outdated code that’s cached by your browser (particularly if you try to switch between REsearch CB and REsearch 4.5). Be sure to regularly clear your cache. We have instructions for how to do so in  Chrome and Safari.
  5. REsearch CB should work in all major, current browsers for Windows and OSX systems. You should also be able to use iOS and Android devices as well, but there will be some quirks (usually relating to touch versus mouse interactions).
  6. If you are going to use Internet Explorer on REsearch CB, you will need to deactivate compatibility mode (which is recommended for the REsearch 4.5).
Known Issues
As of this notice, there are some problems discovered through testing that we are still working on. None of these are critical or blocking issues.
  1. The ability to upload more than one photo at a time is still being developed. Also, photo uploads may not work or work as expected from iOS or Android devices.
  2. REsearch CB is a non-popup system. It will ignore REsearch preferences set to use popup windows.
  3. Tax images may not display correctly in the “Brochure” format.
  4. Mac support is most thoroughly tested using the built-in Safari browser. If you experience problems in other OSX browsers, please provide details via the “Report a Bug” link.
  5. Map pins may not appear in some browsers on OSX.
  6. Maps may not display correctly in the Opera browser on either Windows or OSX.
  7. iPad users may experience unexpected session timeouts, often caused by opening new browser tabs.
  8. iPad users are currently unable to report sales.
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