Year-End Billing Reminder

HIS LogoIf you have accounting or membership changes pending, please submit them before Wednesday, December 28, 2016 to ensure that it is processed before the end of the year. The next billing date is Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017.

Because our office will be closed on Monday, January 2, 2017, the next billing date for Credit Card and ACH Customers is Tuesday, January 3, 2017. If you receive an invoice, your payment is also due on that date.

If you are going inactive or decide to leave an office and discontinue MLS service, your broker must send us a copy of the DCCA change form. You can fax it to (808) 524-6874 or email it to Once we receive a copy of the change form, we will turn off your MLS service, remove you from the office roster and discontinue billing.

The deadline for submitting the appropriate written documentation to avoid being billed for service on January 4, 2017 is end of business on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. We have a no-refund policy, so we do not refund once you are billed. We do not pro-rate. This is stated in our License and Access agreement and explained in the email you receive when you first sign up.

If you are not inactivating your license and continue to keep it active with the DCCA under an office that subscribes to our membership, you must pay membership dues.

Need to change your payment account? Please use this form:

Print and complete this “Exhibit C” form, sign it, and fax it to (808) 524-6874. Please note that your broker does not have to sign this form if you are only changing your account information.

Showing Suite Now Available in REsearch

Hawaii Information Service is proud to unveil Showing Suite in REsearch. Showing Suite is the leading property showing scheduling solution, provided to all members at no additional cost! To learn more, or to find what other features are available, click here.

Get Started with Showing Suite

Showing Suite is built into REsearch to make it easier than ever to schedule and confirm property showings. Here’s a 15-minute video walkthrough to help you get started:

For a deeper dive, you can also watch a video tour of the full suite of Showing Suite features, or review some of the most frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base. Personalized help is always available directly from Showing Suite via email at But the best way to get to know Showing Suite is to use it!

Where to Find Showing Suite in REsearch

Buyer’s agents can request property showing appointments for active listings by clicking the Showing Suite icon where it appears in search results, or at the top of a listing detail view:


Listing agents can opt-in to use Showing Suite to manage scheduling for individual listings in the “Showing Instructions” section of the listing input form:


If you do not want to use Showing Suite, agents who click the Showing Suite icon for your listings will instead be able to send a simple showing request via email. To receive more information about Showing Suite via email, you can select “Yes” in “Have Showing Suite Send Email.”

Finally, to change or review your Showing Suite settings, to manage your showing schedule, or to learn more about additional features available in MLS+, look for the Showing Suite link under”Maintenance Functions” in your “Listing Menu”:



Since 2001, Showing Suite has helped more than 800,000 real estate agents in over 140 U.S. markets (and 30 in Canada) schedule showings, collect feedback, and close more sales. Hawaii Information Service is excited to bring this leading scheduling solution to its members as yet another useful enhancement to REsearch!

Holiday Notice: Closed Mondays, Dec. 26 & Jan. 2

The Hawaii Information Service ‘ohana hope you are having a joyous and peaceful holiday season! While we’ll have more well wishes to share soon, we wanted to let you know about our schedule for the next two weeks.


With Christmas Day and New Year’s Day falling on Sundays this year, our office will observe those holidays on the following Mondays: Monday, December 26, 2016 and Monday, January 2, 2017.

As always, you can still reach us outside regular office hours by leaving a message on our emergency line. Just call (808) 599-4224 or (800) 628-3121 from the neighbor islands, and press * (star). Our phone system will notify our on-call staff, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

We look forward to serving you through the holidays and into the new year!

Next Week: Showing Suite Coming to REsearch

showing-suite-iconShowing Suite is a market leader in providing tools to help real estate professionals connect faster and work smarter. Hawaii Information Service is excited to offer Showing Suite’s core scheduling solution free to all members, integrated right into REsearch!

Schedule & Confirm Showings with Showing Suite

Automated showing scheduling saves time, helping you to show more properties to more clients, and ultimately to close more sales!

Starting next week, you’ll see Showing Suite icons on the dashboard and in search results as well as at the top of listing detail views. There will also be Showing Suite management options in the Listings Menu.

showing-suite-calendarYou can click on a listing’s Showing Suite link to view available showing times and request up to three available spots. And once logged into Showing Suite, you can manage multiple appointments across multiple properties for different clients!

Showing scheduling and confirmation features will be built into REsearch, available free to members, and optional to use. While you can still arrange property showings the old fashioned way, filling cluttered inboxes or playing phone tag, we think you’ll find Showing Suite an important new tool to streamline and speed up your business!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Showing Suite

You can visit the Hawaii Information Service pageon the Showing Suite website to learn more about the service, including details on the powerful additional features available with an upgrade to MLS+. All HIS members are eligible for a free trial of all Showing Suite advanced features!

The Showing Suite team has prepared an early walkthrough video showing how to the showing scheduling system in REsearch as a buyer’s or seller’s agent, as well as a more expansive video tour of the full features you’ll find once clicking through to the Showing Suite website.

We’ve added a Showing Suite section to our Knowledge Base, where you’ll be able to find answers to the most common questions. And if you still need help, you can visit Showing Suite’s online help, or simply email!

More videos, guides, and other information is on the way. You’ll find that Showing Suite offers a number of useful tools in addition to its scheduling features.

We hope this enhancement to REsearch helps make your holiday season a little brighter. More information to come!

Brochure Format Improvements

We’ve recently released a number of improvements to the “Brochure” format in REsearch (for both agent and customer presentations). Most notably, brochures now feature three photos rather than two.

Brochure Comparison

We’ve also improved the display of headshots and office logos to better adjust to different image sizes, updated the formatting of the “Utilities” and “Features” section, and made other design and formatting tweaks.

As always, these enhancements are driven by your feedback and suggestions. If you have additional ideas that can improve REsearch, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or call us at (808) 599-4224!

Coming Soon: Showing Suite in REsearch

Requesting, confirming, and managing showing appointments will be easier than ever with the introduction of Showing Suite, an industry-leading solution that’s coming to REsearch later this month. Hawaii Information Service is excited to offer core features at no additional cost to members!

Introducing Showing Suite

We’re excited to begin taking the wraps off of our latest enhancement to REsearch!

Coordinating showing times among different agents, buyers, sellers and clients can be a challenge. But with Showing Suite, scheduling showings will be easier than ever!

By enabling the new Showing Suite “Showing Calendar” for their listings, listing agents can set available and unavailable showing times, and confirm appointments with all parties involved via phone, text, or email. Buyer’s agents, meanwhile, can request showings, view all confirmed and unconfirmed showings, manage buyers in their Showing Suite account, and review showing questions in their “Showing Clipboard.” With “Listing Sync,” agent accounts will always have the latest listing details available to review and share within the Showing Suite system.

And thanks to a partnership with Hawaii Information Service, these signature Showing Suite features will be available to all members at no additional cost!

Stay Tuned for More Details!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll tell you more about what Showing Suite has to offer. We’ll make tutorial videos and online guides available, as well as introduce you to some of Showing Suite’s advanced set of agent tools called MLS+!

Integrating real estate software tools like Showing Suite into REsearch allows us to make leading-edge features available to members quickly. And if you already have a successful strategy for scheduling showings, use of Showing Suite is completely optional. We hope you’ll find that Showing Suite can help you show more properties to more clients and save everyone time!