More Permits, More Searchable Fields

Information is power, and we’re putting more in your hands by adding 78,000 new Honolulu building permits to REsearch, adding new fields (like Electric Vehicle Charger and Accessory Dwelling Unit) and making more fields searchable!

Permits-FormatDid you know REsearch can provide you information on building permits? To show full details of available permits in your search results, be sure to select the ‘Permits‘ format among your other options.

More Permits

While we are constantly updating our public records data, we thought we’d tell you about our most recent infusion of information for Oahu. In addition to updating the nearly 174,000 permits in our system, we’ve added information for an additional 78,145 permits. REsearch now includes Honolulu permit information going back ten years!

More Fields

Along with these new permits, we’ve added new fields to the permit information available in research. Highlights for Honolulu include:

  • Ohana Permits: Allowing an extra unit on a property for family members.
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Permits: Similar to Ohana units, but with fewer restrictions.
  • Solar Power Installation Permits: Solar instilations for photovoltaic energy.
  • Electrical Vehicle Charger Permits: Installations for EV charging equipment.

To learn more about ADUs on Oahu, check out

More Information on Display

We’ve improved the display of permit details in the ‘Permit’ format. In addition to adding new fields, we’ve expanded the permit summary to display the specific types of work involved in the permit (if available).


More Searches

The real power of this additional information comes from being able to search for properties with specific permits associated with them. So we’ve both reorganized and expanded the permit fields that you can include in a search.


To add fields to your search form, click the “+ Add Fields” button in the search request recap bar at the bottom of the REsearch screen. You can then search for fields with ‘permit’ in the name, or scroll down to the permit category.


Hawaii Information Service is dedicated to providing you the best information available, and ensuring REsearch remains the best one-stop-shop for real estate data for every parcel across the state. We are continuously updating and expanding the information that we provide, and if there’s something you’d like to see in our system, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

This upgrade to our permit information is the third of three updates delivered this week, and just one of the many good things we have planned for 2017. Please stay tuned for more good news, and mahalo for your continued support!