Subscriber License and Access Agreement Update

We would like to first thank you for your assistance as we updated our copyright terms earlier this year through a one-time click-through acknowledgement in REsearch. We would now like to notify you that this change has also been incorporated into our standard Subscriber License and Access Agreement (SLAA).

Our updated SLAA is now in use for new members, and is available online (linked on the REsearch log in page) for your review:

Again, this amendment does not change your rights as they pertain to original text, photographs, or videos in your listings. It applies only to the compilation (the “selection, coordination, and arrangement” of data) in the MLS. You can find more information here.

If you accept the amended SLAA, no action is required. If not, you may contact us to request termination of your service.

Friendly reminder: If your office keeps local copies of our official forms to provide to new agents (including the SLAA and Exhibit C – Payment Agreement), please ensure you use the forms currently available online. We will be unable to process older versions of these forms.

Should you have questions about this SLAA update, please contact Diana Haraguchi, Membership Director, at (800) 628-3121, extension 172, if calling from the neighbor islands, or 599-4224, extension 172, if calling from Oahu.

Mahalo for your continued business!