Rules Update: NAR MLS Waiver Policy Change

NAR has simplified its policy on MLS membership waivers for brokers and agents whose firms are members of multiple MLSs and we have updated our policies and our Full Waiver Application Form to reflect this change.


This past August, the NAR Leadership Team adjusted the MLS Policy Statement 7.43, aka “MLS of Choice” policy to address concerns over MLS waiver form processing. Under the MLS of Choice policy, if an agent is employed by a broker who is a member of more than one MLS, the agent is required to be a member of only one of the MLSs, but was also required to submit waiver applications to each of the other MLSs of which his broker was a member that the agent did not want to join.

Many MLSs, brokers and agents reported administrative burdens with having to process hundreds and sometimes thousands of waiver application forms for brokers and agents whose firms were members of multiple MLSs.

To ease the increased workload, the NAR Leadership Team adopted a change that allows MLS to require waiver forms signed only by the principal brokers on behalf of his or her affiliated licensees. The licensees no longer need to complete and sign individual application forms.

HIS Rules Update

A simple change to our waiver application rules as approved by the HIS Board of Directors at their meeting held on October 18, 2018, is reflected in the HIS rules under Article XIII. Section 13.05. Associate Subscriber Fee Waivers. The revisions to Item a. are as follows.

Section 13.05. Associate Subscriber Fee Waivers. MLS provides participants the option of a no-cost waiver of MLS fees, dues, and charges for the following:
a. any licensee or licensed or certified appraiser in a participating office who can demonstrate subscription to a different MLS where the principal broker for the office also participates. MLS requires waiver recipients and their participants to sign a certification for nonuse of MLS services by their licensees, which includes penalties and termination of the waiver if violated; or…

Full Waiver Application Form Update

HIS has also revised its Full Waiver Application form to comply with this policy revision. The new form is now available through the Subscriber Forms link on the REsearch login page. Principal Brokers may list multiple waiver applicants on the form and there is no longer a need for the applicants to sign it. Please note that there is still a requirement to renew waivers annually and that the applications are subject to the review of the HIS Board of Directors.

There are no changes to the Licensed Support Waiver requirements. If a licensee who is eligible for a waiver wishes to apply for a support access to the service, he/she is required to submit a Licensed Support Waiver Application form along with a license agreement and payment authorization form.

Questions? Contact Us!

Should you have questions about this revision to the rules and the waiver form, please feel free to contact Membership Director, Diana Haraguchi, by email to diana@hiinfo.comor by calling 1-800-628-3121 x 172 if calling from the neighbor islands, or 599-4224 x 172 if calling from Oahu.