Important Accounting Updates

Unlicensed Support Account Price Reduction

We are happy to announce that the Hawaii Information Service Board of Directors has approved a reduction in the fee for Unlicensed Support Subscribers from $480 a year to $125 a year. This represents savings of over 70 percent!

As part of this price reduction, billing for Unlicensed Support Subscribers will now be on an annual basis only, not quarterly or semi-annually.

For your reference, an Unlicensed Support Subscriber is defined as follows:

An unlicensed individual who works in a support capacity to brokers, appraisers and/or agents who may or may not be seeking licensure. Support subscriber does not receive any commissions, quote prices, attends any open houses or caravans, performs any acts related to real estate sales, or appraises real property. If the Support Subscriber is seeking licensure, upon acquiring a license he/she or his/her PBS or PAS must report it to HIS within 24 hours of the license effective date. Support Subscriber’s subscription for HIS Service is subordinate to and dependent upon a PBS or PAS subscription. The service may not be accessed by anyone unless his/her PBS or PAS is already a subscriber.

The fee for Licensed Support Subscribers will remain at $480 per year.

If you have questions about Unlicensed Support Subscribers and associated fees, please send an email to or call (808) 599-4224 extension 3.

July Billing Schedule

If you are on an annual billing cycle, or have products or services for which you will be charged in July, please be aware that your credit card or bank account may not be charged until the second or third week in July.

July is our busiest month of the year, as it is when most annual subscriptions renew, and it also marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for our company. In addition, we are in the midst of upgrading our accounting and CRM systems to be able to better service you. As a result, in many cases, we may not be able to process your payments as early in the month as usual.

We appreciate your patience and understanding this month, and we especially look forward to sharing with you some of the ways our new accounting system will make it easier for you to manage your accounts with us.