HIS Digest – Aug. 30, 2007

MLS Enhancement Update…
Access to BOC Document Images

Access to the BOC documents was released on July 27th. This product is currently available only to the full Participants of HIS. We anticipate that MLS only and TMK only service customers will be able to purchase this product within the next 60 days. We will share information on the availability of this product to these customers in the near future.

Should you have any questions in regards to this product, please send an email to Sales@HawaiiInformation.com.

REsearch Data Status…
REsearchTM 4.1 Data Status Updated 8/29/2007

All Island assessed values reflect year 2007.

Land Court Conveyance are current as of 08/15/2007. Regular System Conveyance are current as of 08/14/2007. Some transactions may require further verification and may not appear in the database. Taxes are calculated using 2007/2008 tax rates and are subject to change if the tax rates change. Please call our Customer Service number with inquiries: 808-599-4224

The DCCA data is automatically updated as follows: BREGS (Business Registrations) – daily and PVL (Private Vocational Licenses) – weekly. Data is provided by the Hawaii State Government.

If you have any questions, or have come across any data discrepancies, please send an email to:
CustSvc Data Discrepancy@HawaiiInformation.com

Coming Soon ! ! !

The following enhancements are currently undergoing testing and are scheduled for release to our live system next week.

An Enhancement for TMK Customers!

There will be an “Update” feature in TMK that will allow TMK customers to ask for changes that happened to parcels, sales or other changes to the public record data within specified date ranges.

Prospect Function Renewal Enhancement

Back in June, HIS released a Prospect Renewal enhancement that involved an automated process that sent a reminder to the member when any of his/her prospect searches approached becoming 90 days old. A number of members reported that this 90 day renewal period was too short, so we have extended the renewal period to 180 days. The schedule of the reminder notices will be as follows.

At day 135, an email reminder will be sent out to the member to alert them that unless a prospect search is renewed within the next 45 days, it will be deleted. A link will be available on the reminder notice that will facilitate the renewal of the prospect if the member chooses to do so then.

If not renewed at that time, another email reminder will be sent out at day 170, to advise the member that unless the prospect search is renewed in 10 days, it will be deleted. Again, a link will be available if the member elects to renew that prospect search at that time. If not renewed at that time, and by day #180, the prospect search will be automatically deleted on day 181.

Each time a prospect search is renewed the 180 day renewal period clock will reset to “0”.

The reminder notices will list all the prospect searches that a member has that reaches 135 and 170 days old on a given day, so that he/she is not barraged with notices for each prospect search that comes up for renewal on that day.

Each time an email notice is sent out, an appointment will be entered onto the member’s calendar.

Should you have any questions or run into problems with these enhancements, please send an email to:

Subdivision Changes…
Subdivision Name Consolidation


The subdivision names “Old Pahoa” and “Pahoa” have been consolidated. Both are now searchable under “Pahoa” now.


In your searches for properties in the Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, or Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos, please use HOVE and HOVR respectively.

The HOT Issue this week…

Late Reporting of Sales

Please submit sales on time! We frequently receive calls from members who value the market stats and CMA reports that can be generated in REsearch. However, the accuracy of these reports is dependent upon the members’ timely submission of the sales data to the service. The MLS Rules require that sales be submitted to the MLS service within 5 days of date of recordation. The current processing fees that may be assessed for failure to submit a sale to the service is $50 per listing, and $100 per listing per day thereafter until the sale is submitted.

There are two important reasons to report sales on time.

  • Your fellow agents rely on reported data in preparing CMAs and missing sales can negatively affect property value, and
  • You want to avoid the processing fees!

NOTE: Please submit the sales information for any sale you have not already reported to the service. HIS is planning a blanket audit soon to identify sales that may not have been reported. At the time the audit is conducted, processing fees may be charged retroactively to the date that the sales should have been reported for any sale that has not been reported by the date of the audit.

Accounting Reminders…
Report Changes to Credit/Debit Card on File

If you are paying for fees and subscriptions through a credit or debit card you have on file with us, please let us know if you decide you want to change the card on file to another no less than 5 business days before the end of the month, so that the billing for charges for the next month are charged to the correct card. You will receive a notice 10 days in advance of the next auto-debit to your card on file. This would be a good time to let us know if you want to change the card on file to another one. This will prevent you from incurring processing fees. There is a $25 fee charged for each returned check or credit card decline, and/or if you do not inform us soon enough that you want to change your payment schedule or method of payment

Check Payments Accepted Now

HIS accepts check payments now. Just let us know 5 business days prior to the end of the month, if you would like to change your payment method to pay by check if you are currently paying by another method. Checks should be made payable to Hawaii Information Service and sent to our office address located at 680 Iwilei Road, #777, Honolulu, HI 96817.

Should you have any questions about your account please call 1-800-628-3121 if calling from the neighbor islands or 599-4224 if calling from Oahu, or send an email to Accounting@HawaiiInformation.com.

Avoid an Interruption of Service!

Any fees that are unpaid by the due date may cause an interruption of services. Participants are responsible for fees incurred by members/staff on their office rosters If any of the staff on your office roster fails to pay fees due, the PBs/DRs/BICs will be notified and given an opportunity to cover the unpaid fees for anyone on his/her roster. In the event that fees remain unpaid, service to the entire office may be interrupted or terminated.

Membership Reminder…
Participants (PBs, DRs, BICs)

You are responsible for the fees and actions of the agents who are on your roster.

Please check your office rosters and update them as agents or support staff join or leave your offices. It cannot be emphasized enough how important this is. DCCA requires that each licensed member of your staff complete and submit a Change Form each time they move from one office to another, or if they decide to go inactive or forfeit their licenses. The Participant (PB/DR/BIC) is responsible for reporting these changes to HIS within 24 hours of the effective date of each termination or commencement of an agent’s employment with his/her office. The Change Form must be sent to DCCA, with a copy to HIS before we can activate or terminate his/her access to the service at your office for him/her. Please remember, we are not part of the DCCA, so we will not know of any terminations or additions to your office, unless you provide a copy of this Change Form to us. There is a $250 one time set up fee for each agent or support staff person that joins your office.

Support Staff subscribers. Your licensed and unlicensed support staff must apply for MLS service as well as any other of your office associates and affiliates. To apply on-line they may go to:


This will take them through the application process where they will find all the forms they need to complete to acquire a user name and password. Licensed support staff must also complete and submit a Waiver Application that designates them as licensees who do not participate in any sales activities and do not receive commissions. These waivers are approved by the HIS Board of Directors. Upon their approval, the Licensed support staff are eligible for the support subscriber fees that are lower than the subscription fees charged to licensees who engage in sales activities. Should you have any questions please contact our Membership Coordinator by calling 1-800-628-3121, enter # and then 160, or send an email to sueann@hawaiiinformation.com.

Should agents or support staff apply late, they will be responsible for fees commencing the date they joined your office, or from the past January 1st, whichever occurred last.

Not Receiving HIS Notices and Announcements?

MLS subscribers. . . . .Please check your email address in your REsearch profile

HIS’ primary vehicle for the delivery of notices and announcements to our customers is through their email address as provided to HIS. If you have not been receiving our notices, please check to make sure that your email address is current in REsearch. If your email address is current and you have not been receiving our notices, please let us know. It may be that your ISP or email server is blocking our bulletins from reaching you. We can provide you with information that you could use to work with whoever is supporting your ISP or email server to enable you to receive our emailed notices and announcements.

You also may not be receiving our bulletins and announcements if you have previously opted out of receiving them before. Check with us if you believe that you may have opted out before, so that we can get you back on to our email list.

There are some of you that do not use email as your primary contact method. If so, please let us know and we can put you on another list so that we can fax or mail you the information.


We will be closed on Monday, Sept.3, 2007, Labor Day

We will resume our normal business hours on Tuesday, Sept.4, 2007