HIS Digest – Oct. 16, 2007

Enhancement Update…

Links to the MLS Rules & Regulations and the Subscriber License and Access Agreement have been added to the login page for your convenience.

Market IQ Update. The sales total for agents that shows on the Market IQ reports is the total of all sales by an agent regardless of what office he/she had been with for the report period queried. Previously the sales by agent showed totals for the agent by office, and if the agent had been with more than one office in the report period, you had to manually add the agent’s sales from each office to derive a grand total for each agent.

Class Dates on Calendar
. When you sign up for HIS classes, you will now see them posted on your calendar in REsearch. Sign up now for a class!

HIS Courses Currently Available:

For MLS Subscribers
New Member Orientation (Mandatory for all MLS subscribers)
Basics (MLS)
Prospecting, CMA, Update, and More…..
Customizing, Downloads and Labels

For TMK Subscribers
TMK Essentials
TMK Features, Downloads and Maps

To see a schedule of upcoming classes, go to the REsearch login screen. Under REsearch Training enter your user name, select an island and click “Go”. You may register on line.

We are working on expanding our class offerings. We’ll announce them in our bulletins as they become available. Should you have any questions about these classes, please contact our Tech Support Team.

Another Enhancement…
Prospect Renewals

When you receive the email reminders to renew prospects as they approach expiration, Prospect ID numbers and other information are provided so that you can immediately identify which prospects are up for your consideration for renewal. Also, there is a more prominent “Click here to renew” link that will facilitate your renewing the prospects on these reminders.

Bug Fix…

Custom Display Data Misalignment. Custom display search results sometimes showed data in the wrong columns. The data did not align under the proper column heading. This problem has been addressed. This fix is also scheduled for release to Live this week.

Should you have any questions in regards to the bug fixes, please contact our Tech Support Department by sending an email by clicking here or by calling 1-800-628-3121.

HIS Phone System Changes

When you call our office, you will notice some changes have been made in the way that you are directed to the party you wish to speak to. Our call tree now goes like this.

When you call the HIS main number 1-800-628-3121 from the neighbor islands or 599-4224 from Oahu, you will be given the option to choose between option 1 to contact Support or 2 to contact Sales.

If you select option 1 for Support, you can reach the following departments.

Press 1 for Tech Support
Press 2 for Accounting
Press 3 for Help with Your Websites
Press 4 for Data Quality and Control
Press 5 for Member Services

If you select option 2 for Sales, you can reach the following departments.

Press 1 for Member Services (MLS Members)
Press 2 for Members on Oahu or Maui
Press 3 for All other products

Under All other products

Press 1 to reach the Oahu and Maui Sales Rep, Colleen Yasuhara
Press 2 to reach the Big Island, Kauai and mainland Sales Rep, Ann McCarty.

Membership Reminder

Participant is responsible for his/her affiliates’ fees and their compliance with the MLS rules and policies.

A Participant is the PB, DR or BICs of his/her respective offices who subscribes to the MLS service. Participant’s affiliates are his/her associate or support subscribers.

Associate subscribers (all Licensees with active licenses) and support subscribers (licensed or not) can subscribe to the MLS service only if their PB, DR or BIC is an MLS subscriber.

Conversely, Participant must have all of his/her associate and support subscribers sign the MLS/HIS Subscriber License and Access Agreement, otherwise Participant will not have access to the MLS.

In the event of any default in the payment of fees or violation of the rules among Participant’s associate or support subscribers, the Participant is ultimately responsible for curing or remedying defaults and violations by his/her affiliates if his/her associate or support subscribers fail on their part to do so. Failure by Participant correct the default or violation may result in an interruption of service to the Participant’s entire office and no one at that office will have access to the MLS. Once service is interrupted, there are reinstatement fees that will be assessed to restore service to the Participant’s office and to each subscriber in that office.

The MLS fees are due on the 1st day of each month. If any fees are not paid by the 5th day of the month, the subscriber is in default and service to the subscriber will be interrupted upon notice to the subscriber and his/her Participant. Participant will have until the 10th day of the month to cure the default caused by the subscriber. Upon Participant’s failure to do so, service to Participant’s entire office will be interrupted upon notice to the Participant.

We cannot emphasize enough that Participant should make sure that any departure of his/her affiliates is reported to HIS immediately. By state administrative rule, a broker must complete a Change Form to report to the state the transfer of any of his/her affiliates to and from his/her office. Until HIS receives a copy of this Change Form, Participant is still responsible for any fees incurred by an affiliate that is leaving or has left his/her office.

Equally as important, without HIS receiving a copy of the Change Form, HIS cannot activate MLS service for any affiliate who joins Participant’s office. New affiliates must also reapply for MLS service upon his/her transfer to another office. They may apply on-line by clicking on “Join MLS” on the REsearch login page and following the on-line instructions through the application process.

Should you have any questions in regards to membership issues, please feel free to call our Membership Coordinator, Sue Ann at 1-800-628-3121, enter # and then 160, if you are calling from the Big Island or Kauai, or send an email to SueAnn@HawaiiInformation.com. Should you be on Oahu or Maui, contact Colleen at 808-599-4224, enter # and then 151, or send an email to Colleen@AlohaLiving.com.

Accounting Reminder

Please inform us 5 business days before the end of each month if you want to terminate or change services, or if you want to change your payment method or schedule. In the event that you want to terminate or change services, you need to inform us before the month’s billing is done. Once billed, the charges will not be reversed. If you do not inform us that you desire a change in payment method or schedule before the billing is done, you will be assessed a $25 processing fee to make the changes. Should you have any questions regarding accounting issues, please call 1-800-628-3121, select Option 1 and then press 2 to reach accounting if you are calling from the neighbor islands. If you are calling from Oahu, please call 599-4224, select option 1 and then press 2 for Accounting. You may also send an email to Accounting@HawaiiInformation.com.

MLS Rules & Regulations…
Where can I find the Rules?

Just Click here!

The following revisions to the MLS Rules & Regulations have been approved and adopted by the HIS Board of Directors since the last published version. (January 16, 2006)

  • Section 3.07. Time of Submission. A photograph must be submitted for any listing record, except for vacant land, within 7 days after the listing records is submitted to the service. (Approved by HIS BOD on May 25, 2006.)
  • Processing fees for the failure to provide a photo for a listing record shall be initially $50 per listing, and thereafter, $50 per listing per week until a photo is submitted. (Approved by HIS BOD on May 25, 2006.)
  • A sale on a listing record may not be submitted if the listing record does not have a photo. (Approved by HIS BOD on September 13, 2006)
  • The following disclosures shall be required in the Public Remarks.
    • Disclosure of listor-owner interest in the property listed.
    • Disclosure of any pending CPR for the property listed. (Approved by HIS BOD on October 24, 2006.)

As mentioned before, we also added more prominent links to the rules and the license agreement on the login page.

Any questions about the rules or license agreement, contact Diana Haraguchi by calling 1-800-628-3121, enter # and 172 or send an email to Diana@HawaiiInformation.com.

Not Receiving HIS Notices and Announcements?

MLS Subscribers …..Please check your email address in your REsearch profile

HIS’ primary vehicle for the delivery of notices and announcements to our customers is through their email address as provided to HIS. If you have not been receiving our notices, please check to make sure that your email address is current in REsearch. If your email address is current and you have not been receiving our notices, please let us know. It may be that your ISP or email server is blocking our bulletins from reaching you. We can provide you with information that you could use to work with whoever is supporting your ISP or email server to enable you to receive our email notices and announcements.

You also may not be receiving our bulletins and announcements if you have previously opted out of receiving them before. Check with us if you believe that you may have opted out before, so that we can get you back on to our email list.

There are some of you that do not use email as your primary contact method. If so, please let us know and we can put you on another list so that we can fax or mail you the information.

As a note, you can change your personal information by clicking on Tools and selecting Update My Profile at anytime. If you ask the HIS staff to make the changes for you, there are fees that are assessed. If you change the information yourself it is absolutely free.