REsearch 6 Preview: Improved Input Form

REsearch 6 features an improved listing input form. We’re excited to be able to provide a “required-fields only” path that will show the bare minimum that you need to enter before releasing a new listing, helping you get back to business faster than ever.

And as part of our modernized design, you’ll be able to choose from two ways to get started: classic forms or new wizard forms.

The new listing input wizard form will guide you through the process step by step. In addition to making data entry easier, we’ve made it much simpler to upload listing photos as part of the process. Even better? The listing input form works great on mobile devices, making it possible to enter a new listing and its photos from your smartphone!

Of course, if you prefer the current listing input method, the classic form will still be available. But it will both look better and work better, with an easy way to show only required fields and the automatic display of relevant form elements based on the listing type.

We have worked very hard to ensure that the next version of REsearch provides the best experience for both new agents as well as experienced power users. As part of the REsearch 6 release, we will be updating our training classes and also putting together easy-to-understand quick start video tutorials for this and other new and improved features.

This improved listing input form is the third of the four primary objectives of REsearch 6. Up Next: REsearch 6 will offer improved performance!

Zillow Agreement: What You Need to Know

zillowagreementvideoAs we announced yesterday, we are happy to announce that Hawaii Information Service has signed a direct feed agreement with the Zillow Group. In short, the agreement means:

  • Zillow will begin receiving listing data from HIS in the next few days, and displaying them on Zillow Group websites (which includes Trulia), mobile apps, and network sites.
  • Brokers retain control over whether listings are distributed to Zillow,, and ListHub via the listing syndication control panel built into REsearch.
  • Zillow will display listing agent information (including name, brokerage, and contact information) on every listing displayed on its sites.
  • Zillow will soon also display brokerage logos at no additional cost, if provided via Zillow’s Data Dashboard (details coming soon).

HIS takes its role as the trusted custodian of your listing data seriously, and we are proud of the care and diligence we brought to our conversations with Zillow. With the assistance of one of the industry’s leading legal teams, we worked to obtain the best possible terms to benefit our members while ensuring that Zillow can continue to deliver the valuable services that many real estate professionals and consumers rely on.

For more details, below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding this agreement.

Q. What listing information will Zillow receive?

A. By design, Zillow will receive the same listing data that’s provided to other parties, including, ListHub, and IDX providers. This includes listing photos, descriptions, and all basic listing fields. Zillow will not receive sold data, but brokers and agents will continue to be able to report sales directly to Zillow.

Q. What will Zillow do for brokers and agents?

A. Zillow will display listing agent information alongside every HIS listing with a “Listing Agent” designation in a manner that’s at least as prominent as it displays paid placement of other agents. Zillow is also developing a Zillow Data Dashboard that will provide for the display of brokerage logos on each listing, at no additional cost. We will provide more details on this benefit as they become available.
Zillow will not allow comments on HIS listings, nor the display of agent reviews, except where agents have opted-in by independently setting up Zillow Profiles.

Q. What can Zillow do with my listing information?

A. Zillow will display properties for sale on its website and mobile app, as well as on Zillow Group partner and network websites and apps, which include: Trulia, Yahoo!, HotPads, and StreetEasy, as well as HGTV, MSN, and Leju widgets. The above requirements for listing agent and brokerage logo display will be met anywhere they are technically feasible.

Zillow will also use listing data to create derivative products, notably its Zestimates, the company’s automated method of estimating market values for homes.

Q. Can Zillow keep my listing information?

If a listing is sold or goes off market, Zillow will no longer display or retain most listing data. However, it may use information from your listings to update its centralized U.S. homes database, which includes fields like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living area, etc. The full list of these retained fields are defined as “Basic Data fields” in the Zillow Listings Feed Guide (PDF). Zillow will never retain property descriptions and listing photos.

Q. What if I provide listing information to Zillow separately?

While Zillow is relying on MLSes like HIS to provide current and accurate listing information for its members, listings in the HIS direct data feed will not “trump” property listings provided to Zillow directly by the listing agent, broker, brokerage or franchise.

Q. How long will this Zillow agreement be in place?

A. Because we know the online real estate landscape changes quickly, the direct feed agreement between HIS and Zillow is a month-to-month contract.

Q. What if I don’t want my listings going to Zillow?

A. The listing syndication control panel, which is available to primary brokers and agents with office editing privileges, allows you to opt-out of listing syndication to Zillow, as well as to and ListHub. For more information on this control panel, please check out this video:

REsearch 6 Preview: Mobile Responsive


REsearch 6 features a mobile responsive design that builds upon the latest in modern web frameworks to automatically adapt the display to fit the many different screens we use today. You’ll be able to have a great REsearch experience on your desktop or laptop computer:


Your tablet:


And your smartphone:


We are meticulously testing REsearch 6 on myriad combinations of hardware, operating systems, and browsers. It will work best on the current and previous two versions of major operating systems and browsers: Microsoft Windows Vista and newer, OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer, iOS 6 or newer, and Android Jellybean or newer.

Of course, REsearch will work on many older systems as well, although there are known issues with Internet Explorer 9 and certain uncommon systems and browsers. When REsearch 6 goes live, we will provide a detailed list of tested and confirmed configurations.

This mobile responsive design is the second of the four primary objectives of REsearch 6. Up Next: REsearch 6 introduces a shorter, simpler listing input form!

Video: Zillow Agreement Signed

We are proud to announce that Hawaii Information Service has signed a listing syndication agreement with the Zillow Group that ensures broker control and supports members who rely on Zillow’s platform.

In the preparation for “The Listing Syndication Shuffle,” we were able to deploy aListing Syndication Control Panel inside REsearch to manage distribution to real estate sites like Zillow,, and those powered by ListHub.

Please check out this quick video update, and we will send out more details as soon as we can.


May 2015 Training Schedule

Below is the schedule of upcoming online training classes for the month of May. If you’re new to REsearch, we strongly encourage you to attend an “Orientation” session on May 4. Even if you’ve participated in a session before, it’s often a good idea to get a refresher. Our live trainers can answer your questions and help you get the most out of REsearch. Descriptions of each HIS webinar can be found here.

To sign up immediately, simply click on the links below. If you are going to participate/watch online classes as a group, only one person needs to sign up.

Next Week
May 11-15, 2015
May 18-22, 2015
May 25-29, 2015

REsearch 6 Preview: Design

REsearch 6 will have a clean, modern new look and feel. But the new design is more than skin deep! We have also taken a fresh look at every component of REsearch, and wherever possible, made the system easier to use.

But through all this, we’ve made the fewest functional changes to REsearch, to ensure that everything is still familiar and usable. It may look like a brand new system, but it will feel familiar, like the version of REsearch you’re using today.

We’ve made REsearch user friendly, reduced the number of clicks it takes to complete common tasks wherever possible, and made several features even more intuitive.

This updated user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is one of the four primary objectives of REsearch 6. Up Next: REsearch 6 is mobile responsive to look good on every device!

REsearch 6 is Coming!

We’ve been hard at work on the next version of REsearch, and now we’re ready to share the good news!  In the weeks ahead, we’ll be sharing some of the biggest reasons why REsearch 6 will be the best version of REsearch yet.


Stay tuned to learn how your home-grown, fully-integrated MLS and public records system will:

  • Look better, and work better, with a modernized design that’s familiar, yet easier to use.
  • Automatically adjust to fit any device that you’re using, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.
  • Save you time with a shorter, simpler listing input form, with a new required-fields-only view and an easy “wizard mode.”
  • Run faster and more reliably with many under-the-hood enhancements, including hardware and network upgrades.

Photo Rules Revision

Photo Now Required for any Expired Listing that is Put Back on the Market

At their meeting held on March 26, 2015, the HIS Board of Directors approved a rules change regarding listing photos.

Effective immediately, any expired listing that is put back on the market is subject to the current rules regarding listing photographs.

4980271346_b625c7c38e_mPreviously, the rules required at least one (1) photograph of the listed property to be submitted to each listing upon its release. This rule became effective on February 1, 2012. Up to now, any vacant land listing that was released prior to this date was not required to have a photo attached to it.

This change to the rules now requires at least one (1) photograph of the listed property to be submitted within four (4) calendar days to any listing that expires and then is put back on the market.

Please note that the most frequent rules violation is the failure to provide a photo of the listed property within four (4) calendar days.

Under the current rules enforcement process, HIS will send a courtesy notice to members in violation of the rule asking the listing agent to provide a photo complying with the rules within two (2) days of the notice delivery. If a photo is not provided within that courtesy notice period, a violation notice is then delivered. If a photo is not provided within the violation notice period, then the listing agent may be assessed processing fees. The processing fees for a photo related violation is $50 initially, and then $50 per week thereafter until the violation is corrected.

Please remember that the following also apply to listing photographs.

  • Images of maps, plat maps, GPS readings and directions are not considered photos of the listed properties, but may be attached to the listing in addition to photographs that comply with the rules.
  • Photographs of subdivision or street signs are also not considered photos of the listed properties, but may be attached to the listing in addition to photographs tha comply with the rules.
  • If there are any structures on the listed property, there must be at least one (1) photograph of the frontal view of the primary structure.
  • Photographs with persons in them are prohibited. It does not matter that the persons are not the listing agents, sellers or owners, or that it is difficult to identify who the persons are.
  • Photos with for sale signs or with listing agent or brokerage signage are prohibited.
  • Photos containing contact information, advertising, marketing or promotional content for any entity are prohibited. This includes photographer or artist information, url/website addresses, and listing agent or brokerage information.
  • Only photos for which the listing agents have obtained the rights for or authorization for use may be submitted to the service. Participants are responsible for indemnifying and defending the service from any charges or claims resulting from the content they submit to the service. Please note that this applies to any aerial photographs or maps obtained from Google, Yahoo or any other third parties.

Should you have any questions about this rules change, please feel free to contact Diana Haraguchi, VP-Administration, by calling 1-800-628-3121 ext. 172 or by sending an email to


Listing Syndication Update for Brokers

Distribution via ListHub has ended, HIS direct feed agreement still pending.

The syndication agreement between ListHub, Zillow and Trulia expired yesterday,Tuesday, April 7. While we were able to deploy an integrated listing syndication control panel inside REsearch last week, the legal agreement between Hawaii Information Service and Zillow has not yet been finalized.

This means that listings that were previously provided to Zillow and Trulia through HIS and ListHub may no longer appear on these sites until a direct link can be established.

Q. How long will it take to restore our listings on Zillow through HIS?

A. As of this notice, the nearly finalized agreement is in Zillow’s hands for review. If and when it’s executed, HIS will be able to implement things on the technical side in very short order. While we have no indication of how long this review may take, rest assured that all parties involved are working toward a quick resolution.

Q. Can I add my listings to Zillow directly?

A. Yes. Zillow accepts listings submitted via Postlets (Zillow’s own syndication platform), manual listing entry, or through an XML file.

Q. Why the delay?

A. Despite the tight timeline, we have been committed to executing the best possible agreement, which keeps control over both listing distribution and display in your hands, and makes clear what third-party publishers can do with your data. In this effort, we have enlisted one of the industry’s leading legal experts.

And while completing this agreement before Tuesday’s cutoff was the top priority of our leadership, the sheer number of MLSes and brokers with whom Zillow is currently working has understandably caused some delay as well.

Q. Why is this happening?

A. As noted in our special video message earlier this month, the battle between News Corp. (which owns ListHub and and the two largest real estate portals on the web has left many MLSes, brokers, and Realtors scrambling. HIS and its members are not alone in having to manage this transition.


For more information on this issue, check out some of the latest coverage from the real estate trade press:

Please stay tuned for updates. If you have questions or comments, email us at Mahalo!

New Enhancements to REsearch

While our development team has been focused on building the next version of our integrated MLS and public records platform, REsearch 6, we are happy to announce that we have meanwhile been working on a few improvements to the version of REsearch you’re using today.

With this update (coming mid-morning tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7), the most noticeable change is in the way driving directions will be handled in the system. We’ve also expanded the loan information available in REsearch. Finally, our login page has received some minor tweaks. Please read on for the details!

Driving Directions

There are two changes to the way Driving Directions are handled in REsearch. First, while “Driving Directions” will remain a required field on the listing input form, we will no longer be pre-populating this field with generic “Call Agent” text. You are encouraged to provide your own notes on how to reach the property instead.

Secondly, by popular demand, Driving Directions are now included in several formats, including Mid:


And Full:

Expanded Loan Information

We have recently expanded the level of detail available for information on loans in our expansive TMK database. We have added “Finance Company” (FNCL) as a lender type, and broken out specific loan types, such as Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), Reverse Mortgage (RM), Commercial Mortgage (CM), and USDA (AG).<

Under “Loan data,” you will see a list of available searchable fields under that category. “Loan Lender Type” and “Loan Type” are where you’ll be able to take advantage of these latest enhancements.

Did You Know?

You can customize your search form to show any of the hundreds of available fields in our system.

For example, to customize your search form to search with these enhanced loan fields, select “Customize Fields” on the “Search” screen in REsearch. A customization panel will open with several “Field Groups” shown.

You can drag and drop these fields where you want them to appear on the search form. A green line will appear as you drag fields across the form to indicate areas where it can be placed.

Bonus: This TMK enhancement has also given us a chance to improve how REsearch displays the “Tax Bill” address, which sometimes comes into our system at a later date. We’ve replaced “WAITING FOR CTC DATA” with a less cryptic “COMING SOON.”

Reorganized Login Page

Finally, we’ve simplified and shortened the REsearch login page. From this:

To this: