REsearch Updates: Kilauea Lava Map, More Photos!

Here are the latest improvements that we’ve made to REsearch, again inspired by your suggestions and feedback!

New Layer for Current Lava Coverage


Kilauea_Menu_ArrowThe Kilauea eruption and Lower Puna lava flow continues to affect the Hawaii Island community, and conditions change every day. To help you keep up-to-date on affected neighborhoods, we’ve added a new map layer to REsearch showing the latest lava flow boundaries, evacuation areas, and road closures.

The “Kilauea” layer is available via the layer selection menu in REsearch maps. It is a live, optimized version of the lava event map published by the USGS and Hawaii County. When this official map is updated, it will be updated in REsearch!

This addition was made possible by a new map server, which also brings with it better performance, reliability, and most importantly, flexibility for the future. While many of the biggest benefits of this upgrade are behind the scenes today, it paves the way for more good things to come in REsearch maps!

Support for 30 Photos per Listing


Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes you need a few more to tell the complete story. Many of you have asked to be able to include more photos with your listings, and we’re excited to increase the number of photos available to 30.

Nothing changes in the way you add or update photos for your listings. You’ll just be able to upload an additional five photos. That’s 20 percent more opportunities to show off your property!

Plus a few additional updates:

You’ll also find a few other improvements in REsearch today, including:
  • Improved colors on the Prospects page, adding contrast to make it easier to distinguish between prospect searches that are “About to Expire” versus “Opted Out.”
  • Two new Economic Reports for Kauai, from the Kauai Board of REALTORSĀ®, recently presented by economist Paul Brewbaker (TZ Economics) and market analyst Paul “Ricky” Cassiday (Data@Work). Available under the “Market” menu in REsearch.
  • New building feature options: We’ve added “Quartz” under “Countertops” and added “Fire Pit” under “Fireplace Features.”


Have you tried the new Client Portal?

PortalHomeFullSizeThe new Client Portal is a beautiful new way to engage with your clients! Over 1,000 Client Portals have already been set up!

The Client Portal allows you to:

  • Share listings and set up saved searches in collections that look great on any screen!
  • See which listings each client likes, loves, or dislikes, and easily gather feedback!
  • Provide them a way to search the MLS directly, and set up their own saved searches!
  • Get insights into your clients level of interest with activity reports and notifications!

And each Client Portal isĀ branded for you, keeping you front and center!