March 2016 Training Schedule

Below is the schedule of upcoming online training classes for the month of March. If you’re new to HIS, we strongly encourage you to attend an “Orientation” session on March 7 or March 23. To get started with REsearch, attend a “Getting Started” session on March 14.

Even if you’ve participated in a session before, it’s often a good idea to get a refresher. Our live trainers can answer your questions and help you get the most out of REsearch. Descriptions of each HIS webinar can can be found here.

To sign up immediately, simply click on the links below. If you are going to attend online classes as a group, only one person needs to sign up.

March 7-11, 2016

March 14-18, 2016

March 21-25, 2016

Instructions on how to register for online classes:

  • To register, please click on the applicable link located below the class. This will take you to the Citrix GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar registration site.
  • Please complete all the required fields marked by a red asterisk (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone, and Organization or office name).
  • Click “Register Now” to complete the registration process. Once registered a confirmation email will be sent to your email address to confirm your registration along with a unique web ID number and instructions on how to login to the session on that day.
  • If you need login assistance, please feel free to contact our Customer/Technical Support team at 800-628-3121, press # and then 457.
Remember, after you have participated, please make sure to fill out the survey or e-mail us your feedback so we can continue to improve upon our training efforts!
System requirements for online classes:
  • PC-based attendees – Required: Microsoft Windows® XP or newer
  • Macintosh®-based attendees – Required: Mac OS® X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer
  • Mobile attendees – Required: Apple iOS 8 or newer, Google Android 4.0 or newer System requirements apply only to the GoToMeeting webinar service, not to the REsearch system.
Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact us via or call (808) 599-4224or (800) 628-3121

Login Issues for Sentrilock, zipForm Users

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance the security of our systems, we made changes to our REsearch password requirements, as well as to how passwords are handled. Unfortunately, this change had an unanticipated impact on how password authentication works with third-party services like Sentrilock andzipForm (MLS Connect).

If you changed your REsearch password as prompted between Feb. 17 and this morning, Feb. 24, logins to Sentrilock and zipForm may have required that letters be typed in uppercase (i.e., PASS123WORD instead of pass123word).

If you would like to avoid using an uppercased version of your REsearch password with these linked services, you will need to set your password again.

REsearch logins will continue to be NOT case sensitive, although we plan to support case sensitive passwords along with other security best practices in the months ahead.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. We take information security seriously. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to make REsearch better and stronger.

How To Change Your Password

To set or change your REsearch password, open the RETools section of the main menu, and select “Change My Password.”


REsearch Password Requirements:
  • Ten to twelve characters in length.
  • At least six letters (a-z).
  • At least one number (1-9).
  • No special characters, symbols, or spaces.
  • REsearch logins are not case sensitive.

Honolulu Assessment Data Updated

Assessment information for 2016 from the City & County of Honolulu has been certified and updated in REsearch.

As of February 2016, here is the schedule of REsearch updates for county assessments:

  • February 2016: City & County of Honolulu (Complete)
  • March 2016: County of Kauai
  • April 2016: County of Hawaii
  • May 2016: Maui County

You can find more information on our Knowledge Base.

zipForm and Sentrilock Logins

padlock-300We are investigating reports that recently changed REsearch passwords are not working as expected with logins to linked services like zipForm (MLS Connect) and Sentrilock. We recommend that users of these systems who experience login errors try entering their REsearch password with the letters capitalized.

For example, if your research password is “pass123word,” please try “PASS123WORD” to log into zipForm or Sentrilock.

REsearch is currently not case sensitive, although it stored user-defined passwords exactly as entered. While REsearch may treat both “Pass123Word” and “pass123word” as the same, other systems typically treat them differently. Part of our development roadmap this year includes a number of security enhancements to support industry best practices in passwords, including case sensitive characters.

If you still experience problems, please contact our Customer Support team at (808) 599-4224 extension 1.


Office Closed on Monday, February 15

uscapitol-apotheosisofwashingtonPlease note that our office will be closed on Monday, February 15, 2016 in observance of the Presidents’ Day holiday. We will resume regular office hours on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

If you require urgent assistance during the weekend, you can leave a message on our emergency line by calling (808) 599-4224 or (800) 628-3121 from the neighbor islands, and pressing * (star). Our phone system will notify our on-call staff, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

The entire Hawaii Information Service family would like to thank you for your continued support, and we hope you have a peaceful holiday weekend.

New Market Statistics in REsearch

We are unveiling the first major upgrade since the launch of REsearch 6! Our new and improved Market Statistics not only look great, but include even more information to provide you more insights and to keep your clients up to date. They are available to our MLS members and MLS of Choice customers.

More Visual Impact


more-visual-impact-rightAs informative and flexible as a table of data is, we know that charts and graphs can help you get a sense of the numbers at a glance.

Our new Market Statistics now includes several graphics to show both or either Kauai or Hawaii Island data on the 12-month summary and monthly charts.

For more detail, mouse users can hover their pointers over or click on graphic data points to see the underlying numbers.

And this is only the first version of our new statistics feature. With this groundwork now in place, you can look forward to even more compelling and informative presentations of market information later this year!

More Data for More Insights

In addition to showing you the number of sales, sales volume and median price, we’ve added more key metrics to Market Statistics! Based on monthly “snapshots” of the markettaken at the beginning of every month, charts now include breakdowns by Property TypeAverage Days on Market and Percent of List Price. The 12-month summary will now show you an average of those metrics, plus Months of Inventory and a count of listings that are Under Contract!

Information that’s Easy to Share

infographic-right infographic-left

Our new Market Statistics presentation is also designed to be easily downloaded and shared with clients and colleagues. You can easily get a PDF version of what is shown in REsearch, and you can also grab a simple and shareable infographic for Kauai or Hawaii Island that you can then send via email or post to social networks.

More to Come!

Please check out our new Market Statistics under the Market header in the main REsearch menu, and let us know what you think!

Meanwhile, we are already working on the next set of enhancements. Although they now show information on the most recently completed month and the year to date, for example, you will soon be able to choose a specific month out of the last year to view. And we will continue to look for ways to make statistics more informative and more intuitive.

Prefer our original market statistics? Don’t worry! Theclassic Market Statistics view, which will continue to be updated daily, is still available!

This is just a quick preview of our new Market Statistics feature. For more information on what’s included and how the statistics are calculated, please click here!

Old Listings in Holding Status to be Deleted


In an effort to keep our system lean, and because we have found most members are unaware that their old holding listings are being stored, effective February 22, 2016, we will maintain listings in ‘Holding’ status for no more than 12 months.

We will be deleting all Holding listings over a year old in two phases over the next month:

  • Phase 1:  Deletion of all Holding listings entered before February 22, 2012 (four years old or more) will occur on February 22, 2016.
  • Phase 2:  Deletion of all Holding listings entered before March 07, 2015 (more than one year old)  will occur on March 07, 2016.

We will not retain copies of these listings, so once they are deleted, there will not be a way to retrieve them.

Members are encouraged to review their listings in ‘Holding’ status and make copies of any that you wish to retain for your records before the scheduled deletion dates. You may wish to print hard copies, download PDF copies, or — for those listings that may still be in ‘Holding’ status — copy them, and save them in holding under new MLS numbers.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

Mahalo for your support!


Assessment Data Update Schedule

We receive assessment information from the different island counties on a staggered schedule during the first half of the year. This is the current certification and update schedule for information for 2016:

  • February 2016: City & County of Honolulu
  • March 2016: County of Kauai
  • April 2016: County of Hawaii
  • May 2016: Maui County

Annual property tax information generally becomes available in July. They will be updated in REsearch as soon as possible.

Although each county may make preliminary information available through their own websites, REsearch is only updated once the tax roll information is certified. Links to county tax office websites are as follows: