HIS Alert – Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance 

Date:  4/11/09 – 4/12/09 (Saturday night to Sunday Morning)
Window Length: 12 Hours

Start Time:  10:50 p.m. HST
Location: DR Fortress
Systems: SQL servers
Purpose for Maintenance: SQL Servers hardware migration

Details of Maintenance: 
HIS will be performing Hardware Migration for one of our SQL Servers at DR Fortress.  We’ll be installing new hardware.
Impact to Customers: 
All Research, IDX, and public site customers will be running in Read Only mode. No new listings, photos, prospects, calendar entries, or other data entry process will be allowed during the maintenance window.
Progress update will be provided on the Research login page.
We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may cause.

VOW Feed Upgrade

Now Available:  Virtual Tours and Photo Descriptions

In an effort to provide your customers with the fullest experience possible when they visit your website, we have executed another VOW feed upgrade.  Effective immediately, you will have access to virtual tours and photo descriptions for all listings that appear in the feed.*  
To get you started, we will be generating a full dump of all Active and Contingent listings every day.  This full dump file will be available to you from 3/26/2009 to 4/10/2009.  Here are the specifications on the new data files that will be added to the VOW feed that will contain virtual tours and photo descriptions for the listings:
Full Dump File (only available 3/26/2009 – 4/10/2009)

  • This Full Dump text file will be named photoToursAndDescFULLDUMP.txt and will be put into your ftp directory as a separate file.  You can use this file to populate your existing database with the virtual tours and photo descriptions of listings that are currently Active or Contingent.  After applying this full update, you can use the photoToursAndDesc.txt file that will be generated daily to keep your tours and photo descriptions up to date.

Daily incremental Update File

  • There will be a separate text file generated in the VOW feed that will be named “photoToursAndDesc.txt and will contain any photo’s descriptions and any virtual tours for listings if available.
  • These descriptions and tours will be given for all listings that are included in the feed on a given run.  Meaning all listings that are in the VOW feed should have a matching record in the new photoToursAndDesc.txt file if that particular listing has photos or a virtual tour.
  • This new photoToursAndDesc.txt file will be included in the data .zip files that are currently in the feed for each island.  The zip files are named “vowfeedKauai.zip” for Kauai data or “vowfeedHawaii.zip” for Hawaii data.

*Provided this information is available.

REsearch Versions: Breaking Them Down

What, you may ask, do the versions within REsearch mean?  For instance, for REsearch Version 4.2.1, what do the numbers stand for?  Here is a quick guide to understanding the versions within REsearch.

  • First digit signifies major releases where large foundational changes of REsearch are made.
  • Second digit signifies enhancements and improvements made to the software.
  • Third digit signifies bug fixes and minor enhancements or fixes.
  • Fourth digit, if present, will signify any minor corrections such as spelling errors or data fixes (things that don’t require coding).

New Camera Icon in REsearch

REsearch Version 4.2.1 Special Announcement!
Due to popular demand for a new camera icon in REsearch, we held a poll to decide which camera was most well-liked, and we have a clear winner!  Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that starting today, you will now see this as the new Camera Icon within REsearch:


In the next few weeks keep your eye out for updates and information on REsearch Version 4.3!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Erin Shaw
Marketing Coordinator
Hawaii Information Service
Direct: (808) 599.422 4 ext. #159
Toll Free: 1.800.628.3121 ext. #159

Problems with Internet Explorer 8

Recently we have had a number of agents who after upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) they are experiencing errors like drop down menus not working or Internet Explorer shutting down unexpectedly.  To fix this problem, simply follow this link to uninstall IE8 on XP and Vista: http://techie-buzz.com/tips-and-tricks/how-to-uninstall-ie8-in-windows-xp-and-windows-vista.html.  For more information on this issue or to download IE&, please go HERE.

Training Update

Hawaii Information Service is currently updating and improving its training program to be more current, efficient, and accessible. An online training program is in the works and will be open for enrollment in April 2009. Thank you for your patience.

REsearch 4.2.1 Release TODAY 3/18/2009

REsearch Version 4.2.1 Release
New Functions, Features and Fixes From Version 4.2

With each new version of REsearch there will likely be changes, fixes and additions made based on internal testing and user feedback.  For this reason and in order to provide you with the best possible tools, we will be doing a smaller version release after each major one which will include solutions to many of the bugs and requests we have received since the last major version release.  Some big, some small, the list of items that have been revised in REsearch 4.2.1 is below.
Home Page 

  • Fixed issue with re-arranging columns on Home Page causing IE to lockup
  • Added complete address and proper formatting of phone numbers on the My Account section of Home Page


  • Corrected misspelling of ‘Commercial’ under the ‘Edit Type’ section of the Home page
  • Fixed Java Script Error received when clicking on ‘Prospect Name’ on Home Page
  • Corrected Quick Farm server Errors
  • Added ability to Minimize and Maximize Home Page RElements.  You can now minimize My Account and Market IQ, and it will save that way every time you login


  • Per request changed Market IQ on Home Page to Show from Beginning of Year to End (1/1/08 to 12/31/08) for current year you are in (currently 1/1/09 to 12/31/09) instead of “Last 365 Days”

Documents and Listings

  • Expanded our auditing of listings without photos
  • Corrected issue where ‘Transfer Listing’ wasn’t accepting a full date (e.g. 03/11/2009)
  • Fixed issue where Shortsale, Foreclosure, and REO disclosures where not showing up in Exhibit A PDFs
  • Fixed issue with Building Sketches not showing for Site Condos
  • Corrected error which caused new BOC documents to not appear

Searches and Data Fields

  • Corrected Fields ‘Yes/No’ fields to function correctly (permit addition, permit alteration, permit curb, permit demolition, permit electric work, permit fence, permit new building, permit other work, permit plumbing work, permit repair, permit shell only, permit sidewalk, permit plumbing, permit repair)
  • When customizing categories on search screen, can now highlight the whole name to delete it


  • Fixed problem with Garage Field not giving results in searches

Maps and Condo Guide

  • Update Plat Map for 4-5-2-35
  • Fixed issue with Mapping Rubber Band Tool not working properly
  • Added ‘Map Not Available’ message for properties that do not have a Tax Map yet
  • Added more photos to the Condo Guide Docs
  • Updated Condo Guide Copyright Disclaimer


  • Fixed annoyance in which you could no longer click the name of the ‘Display Format’ to turn it on or off


  • Made some changes on backend to help speed up the loading time of REsearch
  • Corrected ‘Page Cannot Be Displayed’ error received when printing Market IQ results
  • Changed name ‘Display’ (for Display Format) to ‘Format’


  • Updated Pikake PH II subdivision name to show correctly; was Pikake Ph Ii

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Erin Shaw
Marketing Coordinator
Hawaii Information Service
Direct: (808) 599.422 4 ext. #159
Toll Free: 1.800.628.3121 ext. #159
E-mail: erin@alohaliving.com