A Message from HIS CEO Faith Geronimo

Much aloha to you!

The formal declaration of a global pandemic condition by the World Health Organization was not unexpected, but makes it universally clear that increased awareness of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus crisis is needed.

So, I wanted to reach out to you today to let you know what Hawaii Information Service has been doing to ensure continued quality service for you, as well as prioritizing the health and safety of our employees. I would also like to share some resources with you that we have found useful in this fast-changing business environment.

The management and staff of HIS have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation globally, nationally, and locally since early February. We took immediate steps to implement thorough daily workplace sanitation protocols, sharing supplies, and reviewing our business continuity plans. Although local information is limited, we have already instituted strict controls to do our part to ensure that any possible community exposure is not brought in or out of our office.

Of greatest relevance to you, we have already begun conducting remote work drills to ensure that we can continue to both operate and fully support all of you should there be any unexpected changes to our facility access, HR policies, or staffing levels.

Toward this end, I wanted to let you know that my team will continue to prioritize ‘service with aloha’ to support you and your business, no matter where we may be situated. This may mean that you could interact with employees that are not in the office (and thus have limited access to coworkers), and you may receive phone calls from phone numbers that are not our office number.

As best practices encourage you to confirm any contact you receive from any business with which you do business, you are welcome to call our main office line at (808) 599-4224 to verify any contact. Requests and calls to individual extensions will often be relayed automatically to the correct employee. If any name seems unfamiliar to you, we will ensure that the ‘HIS Staff’ page on our website is kept up to date.

All of us at HIS are committed to sustaining our high standard of service, even in these uncertain times. If you have questions or concerns, I invite you to contact me directly.


Faith Geronimo
CEO, Hawaii Information Service

COVID-19 Resources

As you know, in times of crisis, timely and accurate information is of paramount importance. Here are some resources that we have found helpful in tracking the COVID-19 crisis: