New & Updated Map Layers in REsearch

We’ve made a number of improvements to the maps in REsearch to provide you even more useful information about neighborhoods and properties in Hawaii!

Annual Rainfall

annualrainfall.2019-07-03 10_07_31

With the updated “Annual Rainfall” layer, you can display graduated border lines denoting ranges of rainfall in inches. Annual rainfall amounts are shown by default, but you can also select different months of the year, and see the rainfall for that month.

The rainfall information comes from the 2011 Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii, which uses a standard climatological averaging period of 30 years (1978-2007) across the state.

Federal Opportunity Zones


With the new “Opportunity Zones” layer, you can see the areas designated by the federal government as economically-distressed communities where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. Opportunity zones exist on each of the main Hawaiian Islands.

For more information on Opportunity Zones, please visit this Frequently Asked Questions page on the IRS website.

Hawaii Island Wastewater Mains


Finally, for Hawaii Island, we have added a new “Wastewater” map layer showing wastewater infrastructure, and specifically the types of wastewater mains in a given area, such as whether they are state, county, or privately operated and whether they operate via force or gravity.

We have more map enhancements planned — stay tuned for more good news!

Changes to ‘Hold’ Listing Availability

Please note the following changes affecting listings in ‘Hold’ status.

zipform-by-ziplogixListings in ‘hold’ status are no longer accessible in zipForm.

Going forward, in order to import listing details into zipForm via MLS Connect, the listing will need to be in any other status.

This change is to address a security issue recently brought to our attention. zipLogix, the provider of zipForm, is unable to prevent the ‘hold’ listings of one agent from being viewed by another agent through their service. Therefore, zipLogix recommended that ‘hold’ listings be removed from the data provided to them.

We realize that this change presents an inconvenience to many agents that used the ‘hold’ listing status as a means to prepare zipForm documents in advance, but we hope you understand that the security and privacy of your ‘hold’ listing details takes precedence.

Listings in ‘hold’ status will expire and be deleted after 12 months unless action is taken.

Presently, listings in ‘hold’ status are retained indefinitely in REsearch. As part of new database maintenance procedures, listings that have been in ‘hold’ status for more than 12 months will be flagged for deletion.

We will provide seven days’ notice prior to deletion, and you will be able to request that these listings be retained in ‘hold’ status for an additional three months. This request must be made in writing via email to You will receive confirmation that your request has been received.

We encourage you to review your current ‘hold’ listings now to determine whether you will be affected. We will provide ample warning via email and login page notices prior to beginning this process.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Listing Photo Licensing & Ownership Reminder

This is a periodic reminder to members that photo ownership and licensing are important considerations when listing a property in the MLS.

Too busy to read? We recommend that you watch this video from the National Association of REALTORS® covering “Copyright Best Practices for Listing Photos.”

Here’s a resolution that’s easy to keep: make sure that you own or properly license the photos used in your listings.

Copying photos from other listings, or taking them from the web, could lead to copyright claims and payment demands from the entities that own them. There were a few disputes last year, and while they were resolved amicably, you can avoid the hassle by taking extra care at the outset!

To ensure that you’re in the clear, you can hire a professional photographer. In fact, photographers that specialize in real estate will be more likely to understand your needs, as well as the practical and legal aspects of photo ownership, licensing, and use in the MLS and elsewhere. And if you engage a photographer that is new to the industry, NAR even provides sample agreements that you can use with them.

(Taking your own original photos, of course, is another way to ensure ownership and copyright is clear.)

It’s important to note that these issues extend beyond listing photos in the MLS. They apply to photos used on agent and broker websites, in promotional materials, and elsewhere. A simple rule of thumb? “If you don’t know where the photo came from, don’t use it.

Licensing and Copyright in the MLS Rules:

As subscribers to the MLS and users of the REsearch system, you are bound by the MLS Rules and Regulations. Article VII covers licensing and copyright, indemnifying HIS from claims of copyright infringement. This section also includes sample language that you can use when engaging a photographer to take listing photos.

Our rules document was last reviewed and updated by the HIS Board of Directors in October 2018, and is worth reviewing periodically:

Additional Reading:

We hope this periodic reminder helps you steer clear of the potential pitfalls of listing photo ownership and licensing. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Check Out the New Cloud CMA!

The best Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool in the industry is getting even better!

Cloud CMA is built into REsearch and is provided as a free member benefit! Hawaii Information Service members have created more than 40,000 Cloud CMA reports since it was introduced in 2011. Next month, Cloud CMA is rolling out a new design, and several new features!

New Look & More!

The new Cloud CMA has been re-designed to help you give even better listing presentations.

Every page has been re-designed, including a new modern theme set for a fresh new look. A new larger map makes it easier to review listings and exclude comps. You can easily add a listing (and even add off-market properties). And the library of available report sections include new and updated content!

As always, Cloud CMA works on any device, meaning you can start a report on your phone, fine tune it on your laptop, and present it on your tablet!

Switch to the New Cloud CMA Today!

The new Cloud CMA design will go live on January 1, 2019, but you can switch over now! Just click the “New Cloud CMA” link at the top of any Cloud CMA screen:

Want to take a closer look at the new Cloud CMA? Check out the blog post announcing the upgrade or check out the library of Cloud CMA how-to videos.

We also offer live training webinars every month, which includes classes on REsearch CMA and Cloud CMA!

ShowingTime is Now Available in REsearch!

Schedule-a-Showing-icon_xlShowingTime is now available in REsearch! You now have access to an industry leading scheduling solution that will save you time and effort in requesting, confirming, and managing property showings.

ShowingTime also provides a mobile app and can send text messages to make, review, and approve requests while on the go!

Everything You Need to Know in 30 Minutes!

ShowingTime hosted several Quick-Start Training webinars just for HIS members, and you can watch a recorded session here:

You should also check out the ShowingTime Overview in our Knowledge Base help site.

Schedule Showings Anytime, From Anywhere!

ShowingTime makes it easy for members to show and sell listings, reducing scheduling issues by simplifying the showing request and confirmation process, enabling members to work efficiently while on the go.

Benefits for Listing Agents and Offices:

  • Generate showing requests 24/7
  • Eliminate repetitive calls from agents checking availability
  • Automatically notify sellers about showings, feedback

Benefits for Showing Agents:

  • Point and click/tap to request showings 24/7
  • Control your showing schedule
  • Eliminate surprises by reviewing showing instructions
  • Communicate more efficiently with listing agents and offices

Use the ShowingTime App While On the Go!

showingtimeappIn addition to managing ShowingTime appointments on the web via REsearch and via text message, you can also use the free ShowingTime mobile app! The app allows you to:

  • Schedule or confirm showings
  • See upcoming showing appointments
  • View showing instructions
  • Respond to showing feedback requests
  • Get push notifications of showing requests and confirmations
  • Search listings in your MLS
  • Add activities (open houses, etc.) to listing reports

With your free ShowingTime for the MLS account, there is no username and password to use the app. You only need to connect your account to the app through a special email sent to your smartphone! Click here to learn how to activate the ShowingTime mobile app.

Download the ShowingTime Quick-Start Guide


If you are already a customer of ShowingTime and use other services like ShowingTime Appointment Center, please contact ShowingTime to learn how to connect all your services and get the most out of ShowingTime’s integrated agent solutions!

VIDEO: Copyright Program Follow-Up

Nearly all members have agreed to the updated copyright terms in REsearch. Thank you! With the agreement deadline of March 1 coming up, we’re back with a quick update, and also answer a follow up question: “When does HIS assert copyright over listing data?” We explain how the SLAA determines which listings are included in our quarterly copyright filings.

For the full details on the copyright update, please click here:

Latest REsearch Enhancements

We’re happy to deliver another set of improvements to REsearch, inspired by valuable feedback from members like you!

Printable Infographics


We already provide monthly market statistics infographics for Kauai and Hawaii Island, which are designed to be easily shared online. We are now providing these same infographics in higher-resolution, printable PDF format as well! This pairs well with the more detailed PDF reports you can get from our new market stats presentation.

Easier Code Lookups for Sale Reporting


When reporting a sale in which the buying agent is not a member of HIS, you are prompted to provide a non-member code instead of a Sold Agent ID in REsearch. To make it easier to find the correct non-member code, we’ve added a link to the Report Sale screen under the Listings Menu to the non-member code list in our Knowledge Base!

For reference, here are the codes you’ll find:

  • 1799 – Buyer Not Represented
  • 2311 – Non Participant: Real estate agent on Hawaii Island or Kauai who is not a member of HIS.
  • 9033 – Oahu Reciprocal Agent – Real estate agent on Oahu who is not a member of HIS.
  • 9035 – Maui Reciprocal Agent – Real estate agent on Maui who is not a member of HIS.
  • 9036 – Mainland Reciprocal Agent – Real estate agent on mainland who is not a member of HIS.
  • 1792 – For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
  • 2309 – Developer

Also: Updates for Co-Listors, Tax History, Email!

Here are a few other improvements we’ve made this month:

  • Co-Listors can now update listing photos, even when affiliated with a different brokerage.
  • Tax history data is more clear, with REsearch showing what we received from each county or N/A (instead of $0) if not available.
  • Friendlier prospect email headers for email systems that display them, removing “noreply” and personalizing for each agent.

These are only the first REsearch enhancements of 2018, and there are more improvements to come! If you have a suggestion to make REsearch work better for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! As we hope these updates demonstrate, we’re proud to be able to be responsive to your needs and deliver improvements to better support you!