Hawaii Information Service is RESO Platinum Certified

Hawaii Information Service has joined a select group of MLS providers nationwide to achieve “Platinum” certification from the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). In fact, HIS is one of only six MLSs to receive this highest level of certification on the latest version of RESO’s Data Dictionary standard.

What is RESO?

RESO_Certified_CMYKRESO is a non-profit trade association spun off from the National Association of REALTORS® dedicated to advancing open, universal data standards across the industry. Hawaii Information Service is one of 700 active members of the group, which includes NAR, MLSs, brokerages, and industry technology providers.

What are the benefits of real estate data standards?

By having a common language spoken by all systems that handle real estate information, entities ranging from MLSes, brokerages, service providers and software developers can understand and work with real estate data without being specially “trained” to understand the information from each. For example, IDX searches, web portals, CRM systems and other tools can be built to work with any data provider, and more easily serve any customer.

What does it mean to be RESO Certified?

RESO Certification provides independent validation that your MLS system’s functions meet or exceed professional industry-wide standards. RESO Certification validates your system’s interoperability with all other RESO-compliant platforms, and ensures that information matches industry-accepted definitions, structures, and data delivery methods.

What does Platinum Certification mean?

Different certification levels have been defined to recognize those who implement more than the minimum (or ‘Core’) requirements: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum represents the highest achievable level of certification, in which all data fields are compliant. Of more than 600 RESO Certified MLSs nationwide, only about 100 have achieved Platinum status, and only six have done so for the latest version (1.6) of the RESO Data Dictionary.

What does RESO have to say about HIS?

“We have certified over 600 MLSs in the past two years on the Data Dictionary, but very few are on the latest version at the platinum level and it’s an amazing accomplishment for HIS to reach this goal. Over a million MLS subscribers are represented on MLS platforms that have been Data Dictionary certified over the past two years, however very few are at the level HIS has adopted. There aren’t as many self-developed MLS systems in existence as compared to five years ago, but at RESO we often see the self-developed MLS organizations lead the charge in adopting standards.”
–RESO CEO Jeremy Crawford