HIS Digest – Sept. 21, 2007

TMK Enhancement Update…
Access to BOC Document Images

Access to the Bureau of Conveyance (BOC) documents has been made available to all customers who currently have TMK service free of charge. You will know that you have access when you see a “BOC” link next to a recorded transaction while in the full or short TMK format. When you click on it, the document will appear in a separate window for review or printing. If you select Loans in your search, the “BOC” link will appear next to each loan document for which there is an image. Currently all images of all recorded documents from December 2003 to the most current documents made available to us by the BOC can be accessed. Should you currently have TMK service and do not have access to the BOC Document Images, please let us know.

Should you have any questions in regards to this product, or if you do not currently have TMK service and want to sign up for it to have access to the BOC documents please send an email to Colleen Yasuhara at Colleen@AlohaLiving.com or call her at 808-599-4224.

Office Outlook Problem

There were problems with the Office Connector, the program that allows REsearch to talk to Outlook for sending out emails. A lot of users who had either uninstalled it or never had installed this, did not receive any prompts to install it. Many users were forced to use REsearch’s email system rather than their Outlook. A fix was released recently, so everything should be working smoothly now. However, if you are still experiencing problems or if you have any questions, please contact our Tech Support staff.

Under Investigation…
Printing problems with IE 7

With the release of IE 7, a fit-to-page functionality was added to the prints. This has caused many problems with the items lining up properly, most notably labels not printing correctly on the label sheets. We are looking into this problem and have a couple of possible solutions that can be implemented to address it. We will keep you posted on this.

REsearch Data Status…
REsearchTM 4.1 Data Status Updated 9/19/2007

All Island assessed values reflect year 2007.

Land Court Conveyance are current as of 09/07/2007. Regular System Conveyance are current as of 09/07/2007. Some transactions may require further verification and may not appear in the database. Taxes are calculated using 2007/2008 tax rates and are subject to change if the tax rates change. Please call our Customer Service number with inquiries: 808-599-4224

The DCCA data is automatically updated as follows: BREGS (Business Registrations) – daily and PVL (Private Vocational Licenses) – weekly. Data is provided by the Hawaii State Government.

If you have any questions, or have come across any data discrepancies, please send an email to:
CustSvc Data Discrepancy@HawaiiInformation.com

Duplicate Listings… sometimes allowed….
Listing a Property Under More than One Property Type

When a property satisfies the definition of more than one property type, it may be listed under each appropriate property type. For example, a land parcel may be listed as a land listing, but it may also be listed as residential if there are building plans and permits available for a future house on the property. In some instances, the selling price may include the cost of the construction of the improvements planned for the property. The listor must disclose all of the pertinent information and it must be clear what is included in the sale price. It can be complicated and confusing, but the key is making sure that there is a clear understanding as to what is being sold. Other examples may include properties that may be listed as both business and commercial properties. The business may be offered for sale separately from the commercial space, or the business and the commercial space can be offered for sale together. There are variations that are possible. Again, the key is that if a property is listed under different property types, that it is clear as to what is included in the sale price under the respective property type.

Also, please be careful in what you enter in the Online Display area on each listing. Please use it to clearly represent what is being offered for sale. Content such as, “Brand new 3 bdrm, 2 bath home” should not display if what is being sold is vacant land with only permit and plans.

When the property is sold, the sale may be submitted under only the appropriate listing, and the other(s) must be withdrawn promptly. The sale can only be reported once. Our membership is quick to notice duplicate reporting of sales and we hear from them very soon after the sales are submitted to our system.

Still the forerunner among rules violations…
Contact Information in the Public Remarks

Names, phone numbers, office names, URL/website addresses are still appearing frequently in the Public Remarks, along with promotional and marketing information for the benefit of the listor, seller/owner, or other entity affiliated with them. We receive calls and emails almost daily, regarding listings that are in violation of this rule. Nothing irritates buyers’ agents more than finding information that provide information that may encourage their clients to contact the listing agents/offices or the owners/sellers directly in the brochures or other information they produce and provide to their clients.

Remember, if you include an URL/website address in the public remarks, the webpage or website may not contain contact or marketing/promotional information within the website and there can be no links that can take the visitor to contact, marketing or promotional information.

As a note, the URL or website address should not contain text that identifies the listor, listing office, seller/owner or any other entity.

Contact, Promotional or Marketing Info not allowed

Virtual and Video tours may not have any contact information visible to the viewer or video player during the user experience. They may not contain…

  • Contact information for listor, listor’s office, seller, owner or any entity affiliated with them. This includes, but is not limited to, information for escrow, mortgage, or any other home services providers.
  • Promotional or marketing information for the benefit of listor, listor’s office, seller, owner or any entity affiliated with them.
  • Email Contact Links to send email to listor, listor’s office, seller, owner or any entity affiliated with them.
  • Links to other webpages, websites or images that contain contact, marketing or promotional information for the benefit of listor, listor’s office, seller, owner or any entity affiliated with them.
  • People. This is prohibited in photos, so please do not have persons in your V-tours.
  • Listor or listor’s office information in the title tags and meta data where embedded videos and tours are hosted.

Please note that publicly hosted tours like those on Google Video & YouTube must be embedded in a webpage with no contact information, related links, or links to other websites or documents containing contact, promotional or marketing information for listor, listor’s office, seller, owner or any other entity affiliated with them.

If you are planning to include v-tours in your listings, many of the tour production companies are aware that they must produce an “unbranded” tour for submission to the service. The “unbranded” tours do not show any contact information and do not provide links to contact, marketing or promotional information, and do not facilitate viewer navigation to other websites or webpages.

Our Sales and Marketing staff will be happy to assist you, if you would like to have a v-tour produced and attached to your listing.

If you’re on the Big Island or Kauai, please contact Ann McCarty at Ann@AlohaLiving.com or call 808-599-4224.

If you’re on Oahu or Maui, please contact Colleen Yasuhara at Colleen@AlohaLiving.com or call 808-599-4224.

MLS Rules & Regulations…
Where can I find the Rules?

Just Click here!

The following revisions to the MLS Rules & Regulations have been approved and adopted by the HIS Board of Directors since the last published version. (January 16, 2006)

  • Section 3.07. Time of Submission. A photograph must be submitted for any listing record, except for vacant land, within 7 days after the listing records is submitted to the service. (Approved by HIS BOD on May 25, 2006.)
  • Processing fees for the failure to provide a photo for a listing record shall be initially $50 per listing, and thereafter, $50 per listing per week until a photo is submitted. (Approved by HIS BOD on May 25, 2006.)
  • A sale on a listing record may not be submitted if the listing record does not have a photo. (Approved by HIS BOD on September 13, 2006)
  • The following disclosures shall be required in the Public Remarks.
    • Disclosure of listor-owner interest in the property listed.
    • Disclosure of any pending CPR for the property listed. (Approved by HIS BOD on October 24, 2006.)

Not Receiving HIS Notices and Announcements?

MLS subscribers…
Please check your email address in your REsearch profile

HIS’ primary vehicle for the delivery of notices and announcements to our customers is through their email address as provided to HIS. If you have not been receiving our notices, please check to make sure that your email address is current in REsearch. If your email address is current and you have not been receiving our notices, please let us know. It may be that your ISP or email server is blocking our bulletins from reaching you. We can provide you with information that you could use to work with whoever is supporting your ISP or email server to enable you to receive our email notices and announcements.

You also may not be receiving our bulletins and announcements if you have previously opted out of receiving them before. Check with us if you believe that you may have opted out before, so that we can get you back on to our email list.

There are some of you that do not use email as your primary contact method. If so, please let us know and we can put you on another list so that we can fax or mail you the information.

HIS Staff News…
Moving on up

Reed Miyashiro, one of our friendly and helpful Tech Support people has been promoted and is now working on our Development Team in Information Services.

Newly on Board…

Richard Manning is a new voice you’ll be hearing when you call Tech Support. He comes to HIS with an impressive collection of computer tech certifications and is pursuing a bachelor degree in Business Admin.

Colleen Yasuhara is our newest member on our Sales Team. She is currently responsible for serving the needs of our customers on Oahu and Maui. She may be calling on you as we continue expanding our product and services offerings.