Broker Offer: Big Savings on a Branded App

Exclusive combined savings available! Offer expires March 9, 2018.


Save $50/month with Smarter Agent, AND $50 off setup with HIS!

  • Make your brokerage stand out to consumers in your market with apps branded to your firm
  • Equip each of your agents with an app branded to your firm and personalized with their own profiles to turn prospects into sales
  • Help your agents engage their sphere of influence with an app they can easily share by email, text or social media
  • Stay in the know with client engagement tools, from analytics to notifications, that keeps your prospects and clients coming back

How to take advantage of this offer:

Call Smarter Agent at (856) 481-2153 today and mention coupon code SAVE50 to save $50 per month!


For this exclusive offer, save another $50 off the setup fee for the HIS Mobile IDX that powers your new app!

Act now before this offer expires on March 9, 2018!

This New Year’s special offer from Smarter Agent is not just a one-time discount, but includes $50 off every month. In addition, get $50 off the setup for Mobile IDX service from HIS!

How to learn more:

You can also download a one-page flyer!

Offer Ends Aug. 31: Get a Branded Mobile App

Special discount for brokers that want to win at mobile!
Get your brand on the technology homebuyers and sellers are using!


Hawaii Information Service is partnering with Smarter Agent on a limited time offer for brokers to get your own app, with your brokerage’s branding, on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

A branded app gives your brokerage most direct path to reach clients and quickly increase sales opportunities… and as a bonus, all of your agents will get one too!

live-webinar-button consultation-button

Each comprehensive app package includes:

  • Company branding on all your apps: Your brokerage name and logo on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.
  • Each agent gets their own premium app: Agent apps include their photo, complete MLS listings, and marketing tools.
  • Client engagement tools: An analytics platform and notifications service keeps you in the know and your prospects and clients coming back.
  • Results! 70% of users come back month over month in apps powered by Smarter Agent. Your app will be shared with your agents’ friends and family, boosting their funnel of new buyers and sellers.

Mention coupon code SAVE50 to take advantage of an exclusive $50 savings per month offer before it expires on Aug. 31, 2017!

Broker Notice: Publish Listings on the International IMLS


The latest distribution partner on our REsearch Listing Syndication Dashboard is the International IMLS (IMLS), a global real estate portal featuring over a million listings in 60 countries!

Introducing the International MLS!

imls-homepageHawaii Information Service member brokers now have the opportunity to join the International MLS (IMLS), and make their Hawaii real estate listings available to a global audience!

Our Listing Syndication Dashboard was built within REsearch to give brokers better control over where their listings are distributed, including to real estate portals like Zillow, Trulia, and That flexibility allows us to provide additional options to give your listings even wider reach.

Hawaii Information Service is the first U.S. MLS included in the IMLS, and as an early partner, our members have a unique opportunity to be among the first American brokers to join the IMLS at a discounted rate, and to have their listings distributed on this new platform.

Learn More »

Benefits of International MLS Membership

  • Send your listings to The International MLS (IMLS) global portal, serving over a million listings across 60 countries.
  • Get even more visibility through participating agent and broker websites from around the world.
  • Capture leads from outside your local market through an included IMLS search page that you can link from your website.
  • Access the IMLS New Homes Agent platform, which provides information on new home developments featured in the IMLS, including developer presentations.
  • Exclusive early access to Featured Listing, Enhanced Listing, and Premium Agent advertising, including town and ZIP-code exclusivity… coming soon!

IMLS members are also able to upgrade their services with a framed, responsive international search page (with Google Translate), an IMLS-hosted website, and future offerings at discounts of up to 25 percent!

Become an IMLS Member Now »

Get Started with the IMLS in Two Steps:

The International MLS is the latest partner to be added to our REsearch Syndication control panel. This dashboard, found under “Settings,” allows brokers to control where listings are distributed, including to the International MLS!

  1. In order for your listings to appear on the IMLS, you will need to become a member. Since Hawaii Information Service is an early MLS partner, you will be able to save on annual IMLS membership and listing plans. Join the IMLS! »
  2. Then, all you need to do is to opt-in to the IMLS on the Syndication dashboard in REsearch. (If you opt-in before you become an IMLS member, you will receive information on how to join.)

More syndication partners to come… stay tuned!

Online CE Credits Available with Abe Lee

unnamedThis year is a renewal year for Hawaii state real estate licensees! With the end of the licensing biennium approaching, we wanted to send you a friendly reminder that you will need to have completed 20 hours of approved continuing education courses by the end of November 2016 if you intend to renew your license through 2018. You can check your status online at any time.

Take CE Classes Online, On Your Schedule!

Once again, Hawaii Information Service is proud to partner with Abe Lee Seminars, which is one of the state’s largest and top-rated real estate education providers.

Abe Lee Seminars is the only DCCA-licensed school offering video CE classes. This means there are no in-person attendance or test requirements — just a signed affidavit of completion. And there are no three-hour class marathons, as you can watch course videos in convenient 15 minute sections.

There are more than 30 different video courses available online, including the critical Core Part A curriculum. And there are several new courses, covering topics including escrow, AVMs, commercial transactions, and foreign investors.

Don’t delay, get started today! »

Jumpstart Your CE: Core Part A Now on Video



Industry experts think 2016 will be an even busier year in real estate… so don’t wait until the last minute in this biennium to complete your continuing education requirements. And thanks to Abe Lee Seminars and its online video offerings, you can take classes any time, from anywhere.



Hot off the presses! The Real Estate Commission this week approved Abe Lee’s 2015-2016 Core Course – Part A, which fulfills half of the mandatory eight hours of Core CE, and four of the 20 total hours of CE needed to renew your license at the end of this biennium next November.


Learn About New Laws & Condo Fundamentals

There is a lot of important information covered in this new class curriculum developed by the REC, capably taught by Abe Lee himself. Here are just a few of the things that are covered:

Learn about recent legislative actions that will affect the real estate industry

  • A new law allows private homeowners to offer seller financing, which was illegal just last year!
  • Homes more than 50 years old do not need permits from the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD).
  • Victims of domestic violence can break leases without penalty.
  • Up to $10,000 in credit available for upgrading sewer systems.
  • Cesspools dump over 55 million gallons into the ground.

Learn about Condominiums

  • What is the difference between the creation of a condo and the registration of a condo?
  • What are the two methods of selling a new condominium?
  • What are the different requirements for selling a new project versus a conversion project?
  • When did HRS 514A change to 514B, and what changes were made? When do HRS 508D and 514B apply?
  • Can you increase density by doing a CPR?
  • What happens when older buildings that are legal nonconforming get sold as a condominium conversion? Can you rebuild the units?

And Abe Lee Seminars is the first real estate education provider authorized by the REC to offer all online, video based classes for CE (as well as prelicensing). No in-person attendance, no tests, just watch and learn on your schedule!


Got CE? 45 Days to Deadline

Seven Weekends Left

View NowReal estate agents must complete 20 hours of approved continuing education courses prior to submitting their license renewal applications, which are due November 30, 2014.

In addition to classes offered by your local boards (like KBR and HIR), this year there is a new CE option is available for busy agents: Abe Lee Seminars offers a full slate of classes as online videos. You can watch any time, in convenient 15-minute segments, and there is no test.

Core Part A and Core Part B are in high demand, and are required for good reason. These courses cover 24 and 21 real estate laws, respectively, that were passed by the state legislature just this past year. Are you up to date on laws covering back maintenance fees on foreclosed condos, security fees for pets versus service animals, green infrastructure loans, or medical marijuana?

With the holidays upon us, 45 days will pass in a flash. Don’t wait until time runs out, and remind your fellow agents! Sign up here!

Click here to check your current status with the DCCA.

Don’t ‘Fall’ Behind on CE Classes!

CE Banner - Fall

Summer is over… save time today to enjoy the holidays!

It’s not too late to earn CE credits! Online video courses from Abe Lee Seminars work anytime, anywhere.

The deadline to submit your real estate license renewal application is November 30, 2014… smack dab in the middle of the holiday season!
To help agents who can’t attend in-person classes, Abe Lee Seminars offers a full slate of Continuing Education classes as online videos. This unique option lets you take classes on your schedule, in convenient, 15-minute segments. There are no attendance or test requirements, just a signed affidavit!
Don’t wait until time runs out. Act today, and save the next two months for the other important things in your life. Sign up here!
Click here to check your current status with the DCCA.

Online CE Video Classes

Location, location, location.

Another Option for Real Estate Continuing Education Credits!

This year is a renewal year, which means the clock is ticking to take the required 20 hours of Continuing Education before the November 30 deadline.

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for you to take CE classes in person, you can now earn your CE credits online. This year, Abe Lee Seminars is offering online video courses that you can watch on your schedule, from anywhere your work takes you!

  • Abe Lee Seminars is the only DCCA-licensed school offering video CE classes.
  • No in-person, attendance, or test requirements – just a signed affidavit.
  • No three-hour class marathons. Watch course videos in 15 minutes increments.
  • There are 25 CE courses available now, including Core Part A. More coming, including Core Part B later this month!
  • Save time and reduce stress during this busy renewal year.

Click here for a list of available video courses and to register!

Click here to check your credited course history and CE status.

Abe Lee Seminars is among the state’s largest and top-rated real estate education providers, and Hawaii Information Service is proud to partner with Abe Lee to promote this unique online video CE offering!

Enroll Now

Virtual Staging Offer from Obeo

Save 15% Today!
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Use promo code “StagingJuly2014
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August 15, 2014!*

Make an empty house feel like a home! A picture is worth a thousand words. But you can make that picture even more compelling with Obeo VirtualStaging.

Don’t just take our word for it. Notes the Boston Globe: “Empty rooms don’t dazzle, nor do they speak to the masses. With only floors, walls, and windows, there’s no sense of scale, and when viewing a property online, it can even be difficult to differentiate the dining room from a bedroom. Plus, many folks have trouble envisioning where they would place furniture, especially in large, multipurpose spaces.”

Fortunately, Obeo offers industry-leading technology that can transform your listing photos from cavernous to cozy, from hollow to heavenly. Here’s just one example:

Above, a perfectly serviceable listing photo of a home’s… living room? Bedroom? With Obeo VirtualStaging, a few clicks of your mouse and you’ve filled the room with clear possibilities:

And there’s a wide range of interior decor styles and pieces to work with!

Check out Obeo VirtualStaging for more before and after photos and available furniture design collections. And when you’re ready to upgrade your listing photos, click “Order Now” and be sure to use promo code ‘StagingJuly2014‘ to save 15 percent off through August 15, 2014!* That gets you three rooms of virtual staging for only $179 (normally $209).

* Staging can be pre-purchased and used as needed.

For more information, contact:

Kristin Combs
RVP Hawaii Region
Office: (800) 729-6236 extension 5525
Mobile: (801) 637-4663

IDX Essentials Presentation

What is an IDX? How does it work? If you’ve been curious about our Internet Data Exchange (IDX) offerings, check out this presentation from the recent Kauai Board of Realtors Principal Brokers meeting. Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

IDX Essentials PDF