Check Out the new Client Portal!

We’re excited to release the new Client Portal in open beta! After a first look and a preview of the best features, this beautiful new tool to engage with your clients is now available! Here’s how to get started quickly, learn more about what it can do, and what comes next!


What is the Client Portal?

The new Client Portal gives you:

  • A great new way to share listings with your clients
  • More ways to interact with your clients
  • Deeper insights into your clients’ interests

The new Client Portal gives your clients:

  • An elegant, visual place to browse and rate listings
  • The power to perform and save their own MLS searches
  • Easy ways to contact you, with your branding front and center

And it does not change or replace any of the other REsearch features that you rely on today. It’s simply another tool that you can use to better meet the needs of your clients!

How do I get started?

Portal Admin Beta Menu ArrowThe best way to explore this new tool is to create your first portal. Just look under the “Contacts” section of the main REsearch menu for a new option labeled “Portal Admin (Beta)“! Clicking it will take to the Portal Admin page.

On the Portal Admin page, you can set your Portal Preferences (including setting up your default branding and notification preferences), Create a Portal, and find information on each of the portals that you’ve set up for individual contacts.

Quick Tip! As you explore this new tool, you can set up and test portals for contacts without sending it to them. Each portal is accessed by a unique link, which you can use yourself and only send it to your client when you’re ready!

portal-3-search-mlsWhen you open a portal from the Portal Admin page, you will have the ability as the agent to directly add listings for your client in listing “collections.” Just click “Add Collection” and you can add listings to the collection via a brand new search tool, or by simply entering MLS numbers.

And yes, you can also send listings to your contact from inside REsearch in a simple and familiar way. Once you’ve run a search and selected the listings you’d like to add to a portal, just click the “More” button and choose the new “Email Via Portal (BETA)” option!


Where can I learn more?

We think you’ll love how the portal works and looks, but there is a lot more under the hood! We’ve only scratched the surface so far, but you can take a deeper dive into the many features of the Client Portal by browsing our new Client Portal Help Site!

Visit the Client Portal Help Site!

As the Client Portal beta continues, we’ll be expanding and updating these guides, including video tutorials! And as more features and enhancements roll out, you can look forward to training webinars and in-person demos!


What comes next?

Portal-Chat-Zoom-Border-FixWe designed the Client Portal to give you yet another way to serve your clients, inspired by suggestions from members, guided by a ton of research into the best tools available in the market, and refined with the generous help of a select group of practitioners who participated in a portal pilot program leading up to today’s release.

We’re thrilled to be launching the Client Portal in beta, putting this new tool directly in the hands of all of our members. During this beta period, your feedback is critical! We are eager to learn through real-world use how well this new tool supports your important work, and how we can make it even better.

We will be working continuously to improve this agent tool over the next few months, driven by your real-world use and honest feedback.

And the Client Portal is only the first new tool built entirely upon our new tech infrastructure with the latest software frameworks. Stay tuned for more great news from HIS!

Please tell us what you think!

What do you love about this new agent tool? What could make it even better? We strongly encourage you to share your thoughts, as feedback is the best way to ensure the Client Portal provides the best value for everyone! Please send your comments to us via email:

6 Best Features of the Client Portal

We’ve built dozens of great features into our new Client Portal, wrapped in a beautiful new design. Here are just six of the ways that our new Client Portal, which will be released in beta next week, can help you better engage with your clients!

1. Puts you front and center

portal-1-brandedEvery client portal is prominently branded with your name, headshot, and contact information, and you can show your certifications, set a tagline, and include an intro and even a full biography!

2. Clients can browse and rate listings

portal-2-browse-rateThe heart of the Client Portal is a great new way to share, browse, and rate listings. Whether it’s a collection of specific listings that you’ve sent them (“Great 3BR Homes for Kids”) or a saved search, your client can easily browse through them, and then rate them with simple “Like,” “Love,” or “Dislike” buttons… giving you insights into your clients’ preferences!

3. Clients can search the MLS

portal-3-search-mlsIn addition to viewing and rating listings that you’ve shared with them, clients will be able to do their own searches and set up saved searches. And as their agent, you will be able to see what searches your clients set up — valuable information you can use to provide even better service. For this, we’ve built a brand new search experience that we think you’ll love!

4. Useful and flexible notifications

portal-4-notificationsWith a range of notification options, the Client Portal can keep you up to date on your clients’ level of interest. From icons and drop-downs that give a quick rundown of recent activity, to daily or immediate email alerts, you’ll know when a client is engaged. (Coming soon: text message notifications!)

5. Looks great on any device

portal-5-looks-good-any-deviceHave we mentioned that the Client Portal is beautiful? Not only did we design it to be clean, elegant, and intuitive, but we built it to adapt to any screen size. Whether your clients use a computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone, the Client Portal will look great.

6. Works with REsearch

portal-6-works-in-researchYou can set up and manage portals, share listing collections with clients, and set up saved searches from inside REsearch. The Client Portal is a complementary addition to your toolbox, and does not change or replace any REsearch features or tools that you may already rely on!

Ready for the Client Portal beta?

The new Client Portal will be released in beta on May 31, 2018! We’ll be providing more information and putting together extensive guides to help you get started. While this is a beta release, subject to the occasional unexpected quirk, we’re excited to put the Client Portal in your hands to see what you think, and hear how we can make it even better.

FIRST LOOK: New Client Portal Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that we will be releasing our new Client Portal in beta in two weeks! We will be sharing more details in the days ahead, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a first look that says a lot about what’s coming:


The new Client Portal gives you:

  • visually striking way to share listings with your clients that looks great on computers, laptops, and smartphones.
  • More ways to interact with your clients, including a built-in listing chat feature.
  • Deeper insights into your clients’ interests and level of engagement, with activity reports and flexible notification options.

The new Client Portal gives your clients:

  • A new and elegant way to easily browse listingsrate them, and contact you, all keeping you front and center.
  • The power to do their own MLS searches, and save their favorite searches.

And the Client Portal does not change or replace any of the other REsearch features that you rely on today. It’s simply another tool that you can use to better serve your clients!

Want to see more?



Stay tuned for more on the many benefits of the new Client Portal, and watch for special guides and videos that make it easy to get started. We think you’ll love the new Client Portal, and we can’t wait to release it into open beta on May 31!

Sneak Peek: Great Things Coming in 2018!

Hawaii Information Service is proud to have delivered a record number of new features and enhancements to its members in 2017, including: real-time prospect matching, better integration of county sources, search history and tax history, plus Google Street View and other mapping updates. This on top of making great strides behind the scenes, transforming our technical infrastructure and upgrading our accounting and billing system.

We are even more excited, however, to be introducing a number of great new member benefits in 2018! Here’s a quick preview of some of the great things that you can look forward to as we welcome the new year.

Realtors Property Resource®

preview-rprReleased in beta earlier this year, the official rollout of RPR is coming in January! This tool from NAR, available exclusively to REALTORS® at no additional cost, provides comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and client-friendly reports on the web as well as via a mobile app.

Great news! RPR is coming to you! Please RSVP for in-person RPR Training on your island today! RPR will be in Hilo on Tuesday, Jan. 9, Kona on Wednesday, Jan. 10, and on Kauai on Thursday, Jan. 11.

New Client Portal – Coming Soon from HIS!

preview-portalBuilding upon its new technology platform, HIS is preparing to unveil the first of many brand new custom-built tools for members!

A new client portal will provide a fantastic new way to interact with your buyers and sellers, making it easier to share sets of listings, giving them a great new search experience, and giving you important insights into what they’re looking for. Even better, you will be able to set up client portals from within REsearch!

We will soon be looking for a few good power users to help us with the client portal pilot. And there are even more features already in the works for future releases. More information is coming soon!


preview-remineHIS members will soon be able to tap the power of predictive analytics to identify new opportunities in your market! Remine is a real estate intelligence platform delivered exclusively through the MLS. We are proud to be the first to bring Remine to the Hawaii market. Here’s the initial announcement, and here’s an introductory video.

Please stay tuned for more details!

Showing Time

preview-showingtimeOur integrated showing scheduling tool is getting a big upgrade! Showing Suite, our current provider, has been acquired by Showing Time, the leading showing management and market statistics provider in the industry. We will soon be switching over to Showing Time, which can help you do much more than simply schedule and confirm showings!

Learn more at!

These are just four of the great new tools you’ll be able to take advantage of next year, but we have much more in the works! The entire Hawaii Information Service ‘ohana looks forward to continuing to serve you with aloha, and we thank you for your continued support!