REsearch Login Page Error

Some users may see an error or warning when logging into REsearch regarding security certificates. Although you should still be able to access the system, you can avoid or clear the error message by:

  1. Ensuring that you are reaching the REsearch login page through the Hawaii Information Service homepage at The error message most commonly affects users who are still using a browser bookmark or favorite pointing to our old login page.
  2. Clearing your browser’s cached files, and restarting your browser session. Depending on your computer’s settings, it may be “remembering” web page elements and settings even though they have been updated on the server end.

What happened?

As we’ve previously announced, a new login security system has been implemented on REsearch. This meant that the location of the login page changed from “” to a page hosted at “”

Since the system was implemented in January, we have depreciated the use of the previous server, and deactivated its security certificate.

As a result, some users began seeing warnings that “Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content.” This briefly affected the “REsearch Notice” announcement area on the main login page, and affects anyone who is still attempting to access the old login page.

Despite the error, you should still be able to login. Nonetheless, taking the steps above should ensure you stop receiving warnings from your browser.