Nationwide Open House Weekend

Hawaii Island RealtorsThe National Association of Realtors has set April 20 & 21 to be “Nationwide Open House Weekend,” in which Realtors® across the country will host the nation’s largest open house event, bringing value to both buyers and sellers and providing an opportunity for real estate professionals to connect with consumers in their communities to address the housing issues that matter most to them.

Hawaii Island Realtors (through its Public Relations and Caravan committees) is hoping to promote the event island-wide, and is inviting agents to host an open house on Saturday, April 20 and/or Sunday, April 21, 2013 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The goal is to have 30-40 open houses that weekend as part of efforts to promote home ownership.

The HIR website will feature a special webpage with a list of homes on open house, which will be referenced in  promotions and on flyers containing a list of all the houses that are showing that day. If there are drawings or other incentives for folks to show up that day, they will be promoted as well.

Open HouseTo be included, please fill out the online form on the HIR website, or email HIR at with the MLS number of the house and day that they will be showing. HIR hopes to have a draft of the list of agents and homes participating by March 29.

If a newer agents need advice about how to host an open house, Greg Denker of the HIR caravan committee will be able to share some helpful information. Email him at

HIR is also encouraging participants to advertise in the Tribune Herald. The deadline for advertising in the Tribune for Nationwide Open House Weekend is Tuesday, April 16, 2013. The cost is approx $139.00 per entry. Of course, you can also post open houses on REsearch!

HIR Members: Important Sentrilock Update

Sentrilock and HIR

From Hawaii Island Realtors:

Aloha Members! Your Immediate Attention Is Appreciated.

HIR Staff is working on issuing the new SentriLock membership cards and we hope to have them ready for you soon.

To help us achieve that, please update your HIS account and include a current photo to be used on your new SentriLock membership card. If you do not have an HIS account, simply send your photo (in jpeg format) to Mim at by January 18, 2013.


Thank you for prompt attention!

How to upload or update your Agent Headshot in REsearch:

  • Log into REsearch, and click on the ‘Settings’ link on the right side of the topmost menu bar.
  • Click on ‘Logos’ in the left-column list of REsearch Settings.
  • Under ‘Upload a new headshot,’ click ‘Choose file’ and select an image file on your computer to open and upload.

Important notes:

  • For best results, headshots should be in portrait (vertical), not landscape (horizontal), orientation. Ideal ratio is .75 (i.e. 150×200 pixels, 300×400 pixels, etc.).
  • Photo file sizes should be anywhere from 200-500kb, and no smaller than 150 pixels wide.
  • Because these photos will be printed on your Sentrilock cards, they should be well-cropped photos of you from about the shoulders up.
  • Please do not use group shots, company logos, or other types of photos (pets, flowers, etc.) as your Agent Headshot.