Latest REsearch Enhancements

First REsearch Enhancements of the New Year: Removing Extra Clicks to Save Time!

mouse-pointerAs we continue to update and improve REsearch, one of our goals is to reduce the number of steps or clicks needed to get things done. Even small changes can add up, saving you work and time in the long run. Here are a few quick fixes we’ve recently made, and we welcome your suggestions on other ways to make it better!

Latest REsearch Enhancements

We’ve eliminated redundant extra clicks from the action bar. In many places, there are no ‘checked/not checked’ options, so there is no need for a second click for many REsearch actions. Now if you want to ‘Copy,’ you only need to click ‘Copy’ once.


Action buttons have also been removed from screens where they are unnecessary.


The photo upload function will now show automatically when you reach that step with a new listing or choose to ‘Manage Photos’ on a listing with no photos. Previously, you had to click an icon to bring up the uploader. We’ve also made the ‘drag and drop’ area larger, to minimize the accidental opening of images in your browser.


Finally, REsearch will now automatically revert to “agent format” after you’ve executed an action (print, copy, etc.) in “customer format,” eliminating the need to re-open the action menu to deselect the “customer format” checkbox.

Our MLS system is built especially for you. These and many of the improvements and new features that we’ve brought to REsearch come from suggestions made by our valued members, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we might make it better. Just send us an email at!